The Bayley Screener of Infant and Toddler Development

The Bayley Scale of Infant and Toddler Development is regarded as the most accurate early intervention assessment for a child’s development and can be administered from as young as 1 month of age, up to 42 months (3.5 years)..

The key areas assessed are:

  • Fine Motor
  • Socio- Emotional
  • Receptive & Expressive Speech
  • Gross Motor
  • Cognition

Depending on therapist recommendations, a child may be suitable to participate in the full Bayley Assessment or a more condensed, screener version.

The results of both the full Bayley Assessment and The Bayley Screener will provide valuable information regarding a child’s developmental strengths and weaknesses, if intervention is required and where to start.

Cost: $70

Duration: 20-25 minutes

Minimum booking number: 6

The Bayley Assessment of Infant and Toddler Development

The Bayley assessment is the more comprehensive version of the Bayley Screener and determines a child’s developmental progress by carefully analysing their achievement in a range of milestones.

Cost: $872.96

Duration: 4.5 Hours

Minimum booking: 2

Speech and language screeners

Targeted at children aged 3-6 years, the Screener of Communication Skills (SCOS) is a language screener designed to assess:

  • Attention
  • play and interaction
  • understanding
  • use of language
  • speech sounds
  • voice fluency
  • communicative intent

Conducted by a qualified speech and language pathologist the outcome of the screener will identify a child’s current competency and whether or not a referral is recommended for either a more comprehensive assessment or an intake for regular appointments with our speech team.

Cost: $65

Duration: 20 minutes

Minimum booking number: 6

Physiotherapy Screeners

Physiotherapy aids in the development, performance, rehabilitation and improvement of movement skills like walking, running, balance, climbing, sitting, standing etc. A physiotherapy screener is designed to identify any movement difficulties a child may have by analysing their gross motor skills.

Cost: $65

Duration: 20 minutes

Minimum booking number: 6

Group Based Therapy Programs

Derived from highly qualified and experienced therapists, Spring Forward Family Centre run group based therapy programs.

Engagement with our therapy programs aims to potentially eliminate long term requirements for more intensive 1:1 and/or ongoing therapy for some children. Accessing allied health and specialist therapy is not just beneficial to children who have or are moving towards an additional needs diagnosis. They are not just for children we suspect requires additional support and intervention, but are for all children of all developmental stages. Our group therapy programs provide a social learning setting for all children of all abilities.

Our group based therapy courses fast track having to sit on length wait lists prior to receiving professional support and intervention, ensuring that every opportunity to support a child’s development is maximised.

The therapeutic tools and skills taught in these programs can address even the slightest developmental concerns, building upon children’s current skills and understandings.

Group based therapy programs can be beneficial when engaged with on their own but also in accompaniment with 1:1 therapy sessions, providing consistency in care.

Some of our current therapy programs available include:

  • Mindful Magic
  • Fine motor club
  • Messy Monsters
  • We thinkers
  • Speech
Therapy course delivery outline

Our group based therapy programs are run over a 10 week period at your service for roughly an hour each session. Our programs are run as an incursion/in service.

Each week at the allocated time for your service our Early Intervention Facilitators will arrive to implement that weeks course content.

For each course your services engage with you will receive a copy of the Early Childhood course manual which outlines the course content and all of the relevant links to the early childhood frameworks and standards.

Our program facilitators will come fully equipped each week with a variety of resources that will be used in each session. At the completion of your course, you may wish to purchase your own kit in order to continue the learning.

TERM 4 ECEC therapy programs:

Mindful Magic:

Mindful Magic, which has been created by our Counselling and Occupational Therapy departments, aims to support children in self regulation, emotional regulation and self awareness amongst other learning outcomes by giving them tools and strategies to help them navigate big feelings. This program uses mindfulness and therapeutic tools to empower children and build upon their current skill set and understanding.

Mindful Magic projected learning outcomes:

1. Children build on their emotional intelligence including their ability to self regulate.

2. Children strengthen their mind and body connection.

3. Children initiate and comprehend self-reflective practices.

4. Children develop competency in implementing self care practices.

What’s included?

  • A 10 week therapy program.
  • A comprehensive manual for your service outlining regulatory framework links and weekly learning outcomes.
  • Weekly pre and post session additional content for service providers including extension of learning ideas and daily journal examples.
  • Weekly additional content for families to continue learning from home.
  • An end of course report for each child which can be utilised in your services individual learning documentation and may also be used for further referral if a benefit for intervention is identified.

Cost: $21.77 per child per session ($217.70 for the full 10 weeks)

Payment Options: payment can be made by families individually or if the centre budget accommodates, by the service. Service payment options vary to standard pricing and discounted capped pricing is available. To explore these options further please contact our preschool liaisons officer.

Minimum booking number: 10

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General Clinic Price Guide


  • Occupational Therapy: 3 hours @ $581.97
  • Bayley: 4.5 Hours @ $872.96
  • Counselling: 4 hours @ $581.97
  • Speech: 2 hours @ $775.96
  • Physiotherapy: 2 hours @ $775.96

Standard Consultations:

  • Occupational Therapy (Standard 60 Minute consultation): $193.99
  • Therapy Assistant (Standard 60 minute consultation): $86.79
  • Counselling (Standard 60 Minute Appointment): $156.16
  • Speech and Language Pathologist (Standard 60 Minute Consultation): $193.99
  • Physiotherapy (Standard 60 minute consultation) : $193.99

Please note prices are subject to change.

To explore our full service list and enquire further regarding pricing and differentiations for NDIS and private clients – get in touch with us.

Projects in development

Our collaborative partnership opportunities and services are ever evolving and we are currently working behind the scenes on a number of new projects to offer to you and your families.

Coming soon:

  • Online training for parents
    – Mindful Magic
    – Language Development in early childhood
  • Professional development and staff training for ECEC professionals and educators
  • On-site infant physiotherapy physical development PD
  • Inclusive environment consult with a qualified occupational therapist
  • Music & Speech group therapy program..
  • Circle of Security professional development

Do you have ideas on how your partnership with us could support your service and families?

Let us know below so we can explore this further.