What Are We About?

Developing an innovative and multi-disciplinary community dedicated to growth, results, and maximising potential

  • Our Mission

    For every child and parent, teacher and early educator, clinician and team member to find joy in experiencing their personal power as often as possible. For us all to proactively learn about ourselves and each other, to be the best community we can be for decades to come.

  • Our Vision

    A place where children and their families come to experience acceptance, respect, safety, and validation. A community that listens not only with their ears, but with their minds, hearts, and souls. Partnerships forged in compassion, sensitivity, and determination to understand the unique experience of each child and their personal community of support. This empowers the delivery of high quality and meaningful intervention well into the future.

  • Our Aim

    To have an impact! A hub of acceptance that celebrates how the world is enriched by our differences and unique qualities.

Who Are We?

A community of professionals dedicated to being of service to our community. With a balance of skill sets, we aim to work collaboratively for the best outcomes and experiences for our clients and their families.  With a lens of growth and an innovative approach, we focus on opportunities to maximise potential in our personal and professional lives. We do not see disability or ability; we see individuality and opportunity. 

Take some time to get to know our Spring Forward team members - the amazing community that bring our vision and mission to life! 

Therapy and Intervention Team

CLICK HERE to meet our team of highly skilled Allied Health Professionals, Therapy Assistants, and Administration Specialists who support our clients seeking Allied Health assessments and services

Program Facilitators

CLICK HERE to Meet our team of passionate, motivated, fun and dedicated program facilitators are here to get results for your family without compromising FUN!

Therapy and Community Consultants

CLICK HERE to meet our highly skilled and experienced professionals with a range of backgrounds providing solutions for parents, teachers, schools, community partners and more!

Operations Crew

They are not actually watching us! But they are the superstars behind the scenes bringing the vision to life! CLICK HERE to meet the team.

Why Choose Spring Forward?

We are committed to results. We love our jobs and enjoy being of service to our community. Here are some key points of difference:

  • Many Services in One Location!

  • Multi-Disciplinary Case Management! We collaborate daily to ensure one treatment plan for every client.

  • Fun, Play, and Results! Sensory-motor rooms are not just for the OT's, we all use them.

  • Assessment Flexibility! Screeners, online, or comprehensive assessments - it's your choice.

  • We don't cancel, we re-purpose! Check out our 'cancellation policy' for more

  • Affordable groups and programs! Targeting all community members - no assessment required.

  • Compassion collides with capability!