• You/yours - relates to the client/consumer or their representative
  • Ours/we/Spring Forward/Spring Forward Family Centre - relates to the company MHNSF Pty Ltd

Policy Details: 

  1. Acknowledgment of Agreement: By signing any Spring Forward Service Agreement, you confirm your understanding and agreement, on behalf of yourself, your child(ren), and/or individuals under your care, to each of the terms listed herein, in return for the privilege of accessing and using the equipment and services provided by the Provider (Spring Forward Family Centre).
  2. Acceptance of Risks: you recognise that physical activities inherently involve risks, including the risk of significant bodily harm, permanent disability, paralysis, or even death. These risks may arise from your actions or those of others, the conditions of the environment, or through unforeseen circumstances. You are aware of these risks and accept them in their entirety.
  3. Safety First: Should you perceive any unsafe conditions during an activity, you commit to ceasing your participation (or that of your child/ward) and ensuring those under your care do the same, immediately.
  4. Personal Responsibility: You take full responsibility for your actions, as well as the actions of your child(ren) and those under your care, while participating in the provided services, or while onsite waiting. 
  5. Provider's Precautions: You understand that while the Provider has taken necessary steps to minimise risks, no activity is devoid of unpredictable risks.
  6. Voluntary Participation: You, along with your child(ren) and those under your care, engage in the services voluntarily, and accept responsibility for any harm or loss sustained while availing these services.
  7. Release and Indemnification: You hereby release, indemnify, and hold the Provider (including its owners, employees, partners, and associates) harmless against any claims, actions, suits, and expenses, including legal and medical costs, resulting from the use of the Provider's equipment and services.
  8. Waiver of Liability: This agreement encompasses all liabilities, even those resulting from the potential negligence of other participants or the Provider's employees.
  9. Protection of Personal Property: You recognise that there is a risk of loss or damage to personal property during activities. You accept sole responsibility for your possessions, inclusive of personal items and equipment.
  10. Provider's Rights: The Provider retains the right to modify services, postpone or reschedule, or remove access to equipment at their discretion. Any associated fees will remain non-refundable.
  11. Understanding and Agreement: You confirm that you have thoroughly read and understood this Agreement. You acknowledge that you are relinquishing substantial rights by agreeing to it. You sign this freely, without coercion, intending it to be a binding release of liability to the fullest extent permitted by New South Wales and Australian laws.