What is School Readiness?

Seamless Transition to Kindergarten: From Play to Academics

School readiness is much more than just knowing the alphabet or being able to count. It's about setting a strong foundation for a successful transition into the formal learning environment of school. That's where our unique program, Big School Bandits, comes into play, meticulously planned by our expert Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Our program is specifically tailored to align with the typical kindergarten routine and curriculum, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition for your child. Big School Bandits covers a comprehensive range of skills including morning routines, transitions, listening and waiting skills, lining up, roll call, joining games, and recess routines. But that's not all – the program delves deeper into developing structured gross motor games, fine motor skills, pre-literacy abilities, social thinking, and enhancing play skills.

Incorporating social stories and providing a report card, Big School Bandits is not just an educational journey, but also a fun and engaging experience. It's a nurturing environment where your little ones can practice, learn, and grow, ensuring they are confident, prepared, and excited for their big first day at school. Get your child school-ready with Big School Bandits – where learning meets play in perfect harmony.

Essentials of School Readiness

Nurturing Futures: Preparing for Kindergarten Success

School readiness is a critical step in a child’s educational journey, serving as the cornerstone for future academic and social success. At Spring Forward, we understand the importance of preparing children holistically for the transition to kindergarten. Research highlights that children who are well-prepared for school tend to have better social skills, exhibit positive attitudes towards learning, and achieve higher academic success.

Being school-ready means more than just academic preparedness. It involves social, emotional, physical, and cognitive readiness. Our Big School Bandits program ensures children are equipped with vital skills such as emotional regulation, social communication, and the ability to follow instructions. These skills are essential for adapting to new routines, interacting with peers and teachers, and embracing the structured environment of kindergarten.

Additionally, fostering early literacy and numeracy skills, fine and gross motor coordination, and problem-solving abilities gives children a strong head start. Children who begin kindergarten with these foundational skills are more likely to experience a smoother transition, feel confident in the classroom, and develop a lifelong love for learning.


Why Big School Bandits?

Essential Skills for a Smooth Transition to Kindergarten

  • MORNING ROUTINE MASTERY! Learn effective morning routines that set the tone for a productive day, fostering independence and time management skills.

  • SEAMLESS TRANSITIONS! Acquire the ability to smoothly transition between activities, essential for adapting to the structured environment of kindergarten.

  • LISTENING AND WAITING SKILLS! Develop attentive listening and patient waiting abilities, key components for effective classroom learning and peer interaction.

  • MOTOR SKILLS! Strengthen fine motor skills for writing and crafts, and gross motor skills for active play, supporting overall physical development.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS! Cultivate social skills through structured play, learning to take turns, join games, and interact positively with peers.

  • PRE-LITERACY! Engage in activities that enhance pre-literacy skills and cognitive development, laying a solid foundation for academic success.