Our Commitment to You

As a company, we will always be on the hunt for the best talent and most innovative solutions to your family's concerns

At Spring Forward Family Centre, we are devoted to offering the very best of our clinical knowledge and expertise for the well-being of your child and family. We believe that consistency is pivotal in therapy, just as it is in life. Through our sessions, we aim to foster growth, identify challenges, and design effective solutions. For the best outcomes, integrating our strategies into your daily life and sharing them with important figures in your child's life is crucial. Your success is our highest reward.

Where we are unable to meet plans made due to unforeseen circumstances, we will work to produce alternative recommendations and solutions. Our repurposing policy is evidence of this commitment to progress for your family. 

Your Commitment to Excellence

Therapy results take a community to implement

1. I commit to attending all confirmed appointments and providing clear updates for sessions I need to repurpose to enable my therapy team to provide a high-quality alternative to my face-to-face appointment.

2. Should I be unable to attend in person, I'll inform the Centre promptly, honouring the dedication our clinicians invest in preparing for each session. (Please refer to our cancellation/re-purposing policy for further guidance.)

3. If I cannot attend, I recognise the clinician's effort and will compensate for their time spent crafting resources or programs for my child.

4. Where a clinician cannot attend for unforeseen reasons, I will be proactive in rescheduling or re-purposing this appointment within the times available to ensure results for my family. 

5. I will proactively provide constructive feedback, addressing concerns before they escalate using the feedback avenues provided by Spring Forward. 

5. I will remain present and engaged during all appointments.

6. I'll come prepared, posing my queries during the session. Should additional consultation be required, I'll schedule a dedicated parent consult.

7. I view Spring Forward as a supportive pillar for my entire family and understand the role they play in my family's journey. They bring their knowledge and expertise to guide results towards my family's goals.

8. I pledge to be honest, respectful, and transparent at all times.

9. I'll direct my concerns and feedback to the Centre, refraining from public discussions and defamation. I understand not every service is a match for every family and will be respectful of Spring Forward's practices and approaches. 

10. I promise to represent Spring Forward Family Centre positively, especially on social media and within the community.

Together, let's nurture a brighter future!