What is Sensory-Motor Regulation?

Nurturing Movement, Self-Awareness, and Fun

Crash’n’Move is an innovative group program, uniquely crafted to foster self-regulation and improve sensory processing through dynamic movement and fun. Embracing principles from sensory integration and movement-based regulation frameworks, this program is designed for children who thrive on movement or who benefit significantly from physical engagement. Participants find themselves immersed in the thrilling world of our sensory motor 'Jungle Gym', an environment loved for its swings, lofts, and plethora of movement opportunities. Here, every child, particularly those capable of being safe around others, experiences the joy of movement in a secure and stimulating setting.

This program stands out not only for its engaging activities but also as an ideal complement to regular interventions like Counselling, Speech Pathology, or Physiotherapy. Whether it’s unwinding after school, making the most of school holidays, or simply seeking an active social setting, Crash’n’Move is the perfect fit. The program is packed with heavy work, regulating movement patterns, and diverse sensory inputs, ensuring a holistic developmental experience. Above all, Crash’n’Move is synonymous with fun, guaranteeing a memorable and enriching journey for every participant.

Why Choose Crash’n’Move?

The Path to Sensory-Motor Mastery

Opting for Crash’n’Move is not just about engaging in an activity; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey. This program stands as a beacon for fostering sensory-motor regulation, crucial for children’s overall development and well-being. By participating in Crash’n’Move, children are exposed to a world where self-regulation, movement, and sensory integration combine in a harmonious blend. It’s more than just physical activity; it’s about connecting the mind and body. 

Joining Crash’n’Move is not just about movement; it’s about moving forward in life with confidence, skills, and an ever-growing sense of joy.


The Benefits of Crash'n'Move

Unleash the power of movement

  • NEURO-DIVERGENT FRIENDLY! Tailored to accommodate neurodiverse needs, ensuring a welcoming and understanding space for all children, regardless of their developmental journey.

  • ANXIETY MANAGEMENT! A great addition to any anxiety management plan

  • STRESS REDUCTION! Engage in fun-filled activities that not only reduce stress but also bring immense joy and excitement.

  • COMPLEMENTS OTHER THERAPIES! Ideal for complementing ongoing interventions such as Counselling, Speech Pathology, or Physiotherapy.


  • PRIMATIVE REFLEX INTEGRATION! Engages children in activities designed to assist in the integration of primitive reflexes, crucial for optimal neurological development and sensory-motor function.