What is The Engine Program?

Powering Up Your Child's Ability to Regulate and Thrive

Self-regulation can be a challenging skill for children, especially when navigating the complexities of emotions, attention, and energy levels. That's where the Engine Program at Spring Forward comes into play. Specifically designed for children aged 5-15 years, this innovative program aims to empower your child with the tools and understanding they need to effectively regulate themselves in various situations.

Does your child find it difficult to stay calm or focused? The Engine Program is here to help. By emphasising the concept of monitoring, maintaining, or altering their alertness levels, the program helps children learn to respond appropriately to different tasks and environments. Through a variety of strategies and engaging activities, the Engine Program, based on the principles of The Alert Program®, guides participants toward matching their attention and energy (arousal) levels to the activities they're involved in, ensuring a harmonious balance between energy, focus, and tasks at hand.

Whether your child is preparing for school, engaging in social activities, or simply managing day-to-day tasks, the skills learned in the Engine Program will be invaluable. Join us and fuel your child's journey towards effective self-regulation and personal growth.

Navigating Life's Challenges with the Engine Program

Harnessing the Power of the Alert Program® for Effective Self-Regulation

Why attend the Engine Program at Spring Forward? This program is a vital steppingstone for children who struggle with self-regulation, a key aspect of daily living. The Engine Program integrates the principles of the renowned Alert Program® to help children understand and manage their personal energy levels effectively. The Alert Program®, often described as a "how does your engine run?" approach, empowers children to recognise their own sensory needs and adjust their alertness levels accordingly. Through this program, your child will gain valuable insights into self-regulation, learning to identify whether they need to 'speed up' or 'slow down' their engine in different situations. By attending the Engine Program, your child will not only develop better self-control and focus but also enhance their ability to navigate the challenges of everyday life with greater ease and confidence.


Engine Program Benefits

Unleash Your Child’s Potential through Sensory-Motor Regulation: Learn how Your Engine Runs!


  • SELF-REGULTION LEARNING! Don't just experience the difference, your child will learn how their engine runs and what strategies to adjust their attention.

  • SENSORY-MOTOR FUN! We are not sitting at a table learning, we are MOVING!

  • NEURODIVERGENT FRIENDLY! Specifically designed to be inclusive, catering to a variety of developmental needs and learning styles.

  • SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE SKILLS! Respectfully learning about our own engine, we also learn and understand how every engine is different.

  • REAL LIFE APPLICATION! In the Engine Program, we learn through doing. Try, reflect, adjust and try again.

  • PERSONALISED STRATEGIES! You and your child will end this program with a personalised set of strategies that help to improve attention and regulation.