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Empower Through Unity in Group Therapy

Amplify Progress Through Shared Growth & Experience.

At Spring Forward, our group therapy sessions offer a dynamic space for children to harness the power of collective growth. These sessions act as a bridge for children already engaged in therapy, providing them a platform to test their newfound skills amidst peers, with the assurance of only four to six peers per group. It's a challenging yet nurturing environment that pushes boundaries, facilitating accelerated skill enhancement.

For those parents who sense something isn't aligned but haven't ventured into detailed assessments, our group sessions offer a gentle introduction. Before diving deep into individualised therapeutic approaches, group therapy can shed light on areas of concern and highlight strengths, acting as a compass. Our group and program facilitators can provide feedback if there are more pressing concerns to be reviewed by a therapist, or if another avenue will suffice. 

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Benefits of Group Therapy!

Why choose a group format to amplify growth and harness the power of learning together?

  • ENHANCE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS! Dive into a vibrant environment where individuals foster connections, enhancing their social skills in real-time scenarios.

  • MULTIFACETED LEARNING! Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group, drawing insights from varied experiences and backgrounds.

  • PRACTICAL SKILL APPLICATION! Transition learned skills from one-on-one sessions into group settings, perfecting adaptability and flexibility.

  • SKILL SCREENING! A unique opportunity for new clients to gain insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, setting the stage for more targeted therapeutic interventions in the future.

  • LIKE-MINDED PEERS! Find camaraderie among individuals who share similar challenges and aspirations, creating a bond that goes beyond the therapy sessions.

  • AFFORDABLE THERAPY OPTION! A cost-effective solution, ensuring quality therapy without the one-on-one price tag.

  • NDIS SUITABLE! An approach tailored to the skills of many NDIS participants, and accessible to Plan-Managed and Self-Managed Participants.

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