Constructing a World of Social Communication Through LEGO

LEGO Therapy, as exemplified by Spring Forward's LEGO Club, is a revolutionary approach to helping children with Autism and related challenges. Inspired by the principles laid out by Daniel LeGoff, this therapy transforms the act of playing with LEGO into a powerful tool for enhancing communication and social skills. At its core, LEGO therapy is a skill-building journey, harnessing the joy of creation to achieve meaningful developmental milestones.

Children and young people from various backgrounds find a welcoming and adaptable environment in LEGO Club. The program’s flexible nature allows it to cater to the unique strengths, needs, and interests of each participant. Through both individual and group sessions, participants engage in LEGO-based tasks that naturally foster social communication, support, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.

The goals of LEGO Club are manifold. It's designed to promote positive interactions, enhance the understanding and delivery of instructions, and introduce new concepts. Additionally, it focuses on developing vital life skills such as turn-taking, problem-solving, negotiation, and engaging in shared activities within a group. Participants also learn to effectively ask for help. All these elements come together within the fun, engaging, and familiar context of building with LEGO, making LEGO Club a unique and effective intervention for children with Autism and similar social communication goals.

Key Benefits of The LEGO Club

Maximising Potential One Brick at a Time in Our LEGO Therapy Sessions

  • ENHANCED SOCIAL COMMUNICATION! By participating in LEGO Club, children develop crucial communication skills, learning to express themselves and understand others better within a playful and engaging context.

  • POSITIVE PEER INTERACTIONS! The group setting of the LEGO Club fosters positive interactions, encouraging children to work together, share ideas, and build meaningful connections.

  • IMPROVED COMPREHENSION! Children learn to follow and give instructions more effectively, enhancing their ability to engage in cooperative tasks and group activities.

  • ADVANCING PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS! Through creative LEGO building challenges, participants sharpen their problem-solving abilities, learning to think critically and find solutions collaboratively.

  • NEGOTIATION SKILLS! LEGO Club provides an ideal platform for children to practice negotiation and conflict resolution, essential skills for social interaction and teamwork.

  • CONFIDENCE ASKING FOR HELP! The supportive environment of LEGO Club encourages children to comfortably seek assistance, fostering a sense of independence and self-reliance.