What is Mindfulness?

Embracing Mindfulness: A Path to Well-being for Children and Teens

Mindfulness, the practice of being fully present and engaged in the moment, is not just an adult endeavour. It's a vital tool for children and teenagers navigating the complexities of growing up. By cultivating mindfulness, young minds learn to focus attention, regulate emotions, and develop resilience against stress. In today's fast-paced world, where distractions are plentiful, mindfulness equips children and teens with the ability to pause, reflect, and respond thoughtfully to their experiences. Regular mindfulness practice can enhance concentration, foster empathy, and improve overall mental well-being, laying a foundation for a balanced and mindful approach to life's challenges.

Why is mindfulness crucial for our youth? The journey from childhood to adolescence is marked by rapid developmental changes, both physical and emotional. Mindfulness acts as an anchor amidst these changes, helping young individuals navigate their emotions, build self-awareness, and cultivate a sense of inner calm. For children and teenagers grappling with academic pressures, social dynamics, and self-identity issues, mindfulness is a guiding light, illuminating a path to self-discovery, emotional intelligence, and a healthier, more harmonious life.

Discovering Mindful Magic

Empowering Children to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

Introducing "Mindful Magic," an innovative program crafted with the collaborative expertise of Counsellors, Psychologists, and Occupational Therapists at Spring Forward. This unique group experience delves into the heart of children's worries, anxieties, and stress, transforming abstract emotions into something they can understand and manage. "Mindful Magic" empowers children to recognise their feelings of worry and anxiety, equipping them with an arsenal of strategies to confront, validate, and overcome these challenges.

Through "Mindful Magic," children explore a spectrum of interventions, including deep breathing, visualisation, and externalisation. The program emphasises innovative mindfulness techniques tailored to reduce stress and anxiety effectively. It's more than just coping; it's about teaching children the art of harnessing their own minds to work their magic. They learn to navigate their emotions, developing resilience and self-awareness in the process. Join us at Spring Forward, where "Mindful Magic" transforms the way children perceive and respond to their world, giving them the tools to thrive.


Mindful Magic Difference!

A safe, fun and engaging way to learn resilience building skills and overcome our worries together. These skills are for life!


  • SENSORY-FRIENDLY! Our OT's have ensured this program can be adapted to suit a range of sensory preferences.

  • NEURO-DIVERGENT FRIENDLY! This group has been develop to consider and adapt to a range of learning styles.

  • ANXIETY MANAGEMENT! From separation anxiety to performance anxiety, or generalised anxiety - these strategies are for you.

  • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PROGRAM! Mindful Magic has been designed with insights from Psychologists, Counsellors, Occupational Therapists and Early Childhood Development Specialists.

  • ATTENTION AND CONCENTRATION SUPPORTS! We are ready to capture the attention of those with wondering minds and diverse interests.

  • NO DIAGNOSIS REQUIRED! This group is great for kids who have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD or Anxiety, as well as children who are just a little stressed.