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We're thrilled you're considering joining our community. Whether you're seeking guidance, therapeutic support, or simply exploring options, Spring Forward is here to assist every step of the way. Our dedication is to ensure every child and family we work with feels understood, supported, and empowered.

If you are a new client looking for a group or program, then you can head to our programs page and book right in! This process is for new clients seeking individual therapy advice and consultation. 

Why Choose Spring Forward?

Discover the Spring Forward Difference: Where Compassion Meets Expertise

  • PERSONALISED CARE! Every child and family is unique. Our team works diligently to create tailored strategies that address individual needs and aspirations.

  • EXPERT TEAM! Professionals from around the world with a wide range of expertise - and a passion for paediatric allied health.

  • HOLISTIC APPROACH! Beyond therapy, we focus on the complete well-being of a child. This means we also engage and educate families, fostering a collaborative healing and growth process.

  • COST AND TIME EFFECTIVE! We aim to find the most efficient way to support your family without compromising results.

Getting Started!

Embarking on Your Spring Forward Journey: A Step-By-Step Guide.

Starting with Spring Forward is a seamless process designed with you in mind. Here's how to begin: 

STEP 1: Initial Contact

Whether you prefer a phone call or our convenient online intake form, reaching out is the first step. Call us, book a call back, or jump straight to step 2!

STEP 2: Online Intake Form: Once you are confident Spring Forward is for you, then follow the online intakes process. This includes:

  1. GET READY all your referral documents, funding paperwork and developmental histories.
  2. Start the online intake process, and review our company EXPECTATIONS: our values and client agreement to make the most progress together.
  3. Complete our SERVICE AGREEMENT to ensure we embark on this journey with all T'n'Cs  explained. 
  4. Share your preferences and history for our THERAPY INTAKE to allow our team to make the best recommendations we can. 

STEP 3: Expert Review

Once we receive your details, our specialists dive in and curate tailored recommendations for the best intervention services for you.

STEP 4: Follow up Call

We'll touch base to discuss any specifics and share our recommendations to ensure clarity and alignment of our approach to your needs.

STEP 5: Join our Online Community

Join the vibrant Spring Forward client community, choosing between our complimentary or premium community.

STEP 6: Bookings Begin!

As soon as an appropriate slot opens up, we kick off the booking process, ensuring timely intervention.

The final step is an in-depth assessment, after which we embark on our therapeutic journey together! With Spring Forward, every step is a stride towards positive transformation.

Still Unsure?

Let our team help! If we do not believe we can serve your family, we can refer you to someone who can!

Your First Booking!

Our Preliminary Assessment and Home Activities Plan

Embarking on your journey with Spring Forward begins with a crucial first step – the Preliminary Assessment. This foundational process is designed to pave the way for the unique and personalised support we offer for your child and your family. It’s an essential online session conducted by our proficient Assessment and Strategic Planning team, aimed at comprehensively understanding your child's needs.

The Preliminary Assessment is a thorough and detailed evaluation, necessary before beginning any service with Spring Forward, except for groups and programs. Although it’s not a prerequisite for our group sessions, it’s vital for accessing other individualised services as well as setting up success at home or in the community. 

During this online assessment, our skilled team engages in an insightful interview with the you, exploring key areas such as sensory processing, behavior management, bonding and attachment, and primitive reflex integration. We the observe live or through videos you have recorded how your child is engaging in play and any other area of development concerning you. 

From here, we have a meeting with multiple specialists to develop an individualised program for you and your child to overcome obstacles and thrive together! We will also make tailored recommendations about next steps for your family, which may or may not be engaging in therapy services. 

Our aim is to make support and access to professional opinions as easy and affordable as possible for our local and national community!

Not Looking for Individual Therapy?

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