What is Paediatric OT at Spring Forward?

Building Strong Foundations: Sensory Integration and DIR-Floortime at the Core of Spring Forward's Paediatric OT.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy at Spring Forward isn't just about the 'what' – it's about the 'why' and 'how'. Rooted in the principles of Sensory Integration, our therapy dives deep, ensuring children engage, learn, and thrive in harmony with their environments. Our commitment to the DIR-Floortime approach means we prioritise individualised, relationship-based strategies that tap into a child's intrinsic motivations. 

But at our core? A 'foundations first' philosophy. We believe in building solid, foundational skills, creating a base from which every child can reach their utmost potential. Discover how Spring Forward reshapes the essence of Paediatric OT.

Decoding the Essence of Child Behaviour: Occupational Therapy at Spring Forward

Unlocking Development and Regulation for Every Child's Success

At Spring Forward, we delve beyond the surface to understand the intricacies of child behaviour. Our Occupational Therapy practices shine a light on developmental milestones, ensuring every child is on their unique path to growth. With a keen focus on regulation, we equip children and their families with the tools to manage their emotions and reactions, promoting confidence and resilience. Join us as we decode, understand, and guide your child's journey, fostering an environment where behaviour becomes a gateway to understanding and growth.

The Spring Forward Difference

Unlock & Elevate: Essential Benefits of Children's Occupational Therapy at Spring Forward

  • HOLISTIC GROWTH! Comprehensive and personalised developmental assessments ensure tailored growth strategies for every child.

  • INDIVIDUALISED INSIGHTS! Every child is seen as a distinct individual. By recognising and celebrating their unique strengths and characteristics, we leverage these as their most powerful asset for unparalleled success.

  • WHOLE FAMILY APPROACH! At Spring Forward, we recognize the family as an integral unit. Our interventions encompass not only the child but also the entire family, offering strategies and support to ensure cohesive growth and understanding.

  • SENSORY INTEGRATION! Promote harmonious interactions between children and their surroundings, enhancing daily experiences.

  • PRIMATIVE REFLEX MASTERY! Through targeted interventions, we address and integrate retained primitive reflexes, paving the way for advanced motor and cognitive development, and supporting the child's overall neurological growth.

  • SOCIAL SUCCESS! Foster better communication, confidence, play, and peer interaction skills, ensuring positive social experiences.

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