At Spring Forward Family Centre, we value consistent and diverse service provision for all our clients, irrespective of their funding source. In lieu of cancellations, we've implemented a re-purposing policy in sync with funding providers such as NDIS.

We aim to avoid cancelled appointments and non-productive cancellation fees. When a client or a therapist is unable to attend an appointment for unforeseen or planned reasons, and a face-to-face appointment was booked, the appointment is then altered. This alteration is in the best interest of the client and their outcomes within the limitations/constraints provided by circumstance. 

The appointment will be re-purposed or altered to a new/different form of service delivery. This may be on client request and/or therapist recommendation. Some options for re-purposing include: 

  • Online/Telehealth Appointment 
  • Online Parent education 
  • Parent consultations
  • Reports, for example home program updates, sensory diet, school strategies report, NDIS report etc.
  • Visual Schedules
  • Resource development for home/school use

Policy Guidelines:

  1. Appointment Confirmation: Once an appointment (excluding specific programs) is confirmed:
    1. The desired approach is face-to-face.
    2. If this isn't feasible, the meeting will be re-purposed.
    3. Payment for services is due regardless of delivery mode.
  2. Provider’s Unavailability: Should our clinician be unexpectedly unavailable, we will:
    1. Reschedule to a suitable time, or
    2. Provide an alternative clinician, or
    3. Shift to a therapy assistant (if suitable), or
    4. Provide one of the listed outcomes above for re-purposing, or
    5. Schedule a make up appointment in the school holidays or at a later date.
    6. The appointment will only be cancelled if the clinician/provider is unable to facilitate effective intervention supports within a reasonable time frame. 
  3. Appointment Time: Appointments must be executed within the designated slot unless the clinician is unavailable, then the session must be executed at the rescheduled time slot.
  4. Cancellation Transformation: Our cancellation policy is now embedded within the re-purposing policy. Standard cancellations no longer exist; all appointments will be re-purposed.
  5. Disengagement: Opting to cancel means discontinuation of services. Should clients wish to re-engage, they'll be placed on a waiting list.
  6. Appointment Confirmation: Appointments are fixed based on school term/holiday cycles. Clients should ensure:
    1. Adequate funds for the entire period.
    2. Availability for all sessions, and/or proactive planning of repurposing.
    3. Share re-purposing preferences with the clinician at the time or in preparation for the upcoming intervention. 
  7. Payment for Resources: Payment is due before distribution of any developed resources, reports or documentation. 
  8. Consistent Re-Purposing: Continuous alteration of services may lead us to reconsider the provision of services. Face-to-face services is preferred if it is recommended by your treating clinician. Consistently not showing up to a prime appointment spot impacts other families, and we reserve the right to change your intervention recommendations - this may include ceasing face-to-face appointments.
  9. Termination of Services: To discontinue services, a 2-week written notice to the provider is necessary.
    1. All appointments in the 2-week notice period must be attended and/or paid for in full. 
    2. A participant may choose to terminate services with one clinician, but remain in services with another. Or, they may choose to terminate all services with Spring Forward. All requires 2-weeks written notice. 

Groups & Programs Regulations:

  1. Payment covers the entire group/program.
  2. By enrolling, clients commit to full payment, even if all sessions aren't attended.
  3. Modifications to group involvement are subject to specific criteria and management's discretion.

Screeners Regulations:

  1.  Non-refundable upon payment. 
  2. Rescheduling depends on the company's decision.
  3. Cannot be re-purposed. 

Assessments & Parent Consults: 

  1. Bookings require a non-refundable deposit of 50%.
  2. If a client wishes to cancel or reschedule an assessment appointment, a minimum of 5 business days notice is required. If less than this notice is given, the appointment may be repurposed at the discretion of Spring Forward Family Centre, or the full assessment fee will be charged as a cancellation. Rescheduling after such a cancellation may incur an additional cost.
  3. More than 2 no shows or cancellations may see Spring Forward refuse rebooking another assessment.
  4. Re-purposing is limited to client information provided and parent engagement online. We make no guarantees on quality as client participation is required.