What is Speech Pathology at Spring Forward?

Empowering Young Voices: Personalised Speech Pathology Plans Building Bridges in Communication

At Spring Forward, Paediatric Speech and Language Pathology is more than just words—it's about unlocking the power of communication in every child. Our dedicated speech therapists dive deep to understand each child's unique linguistic needs, utilising evidence-based methods to foster clear expression and comprehension. Whether it's articulation challenges, language delays, or fluency disorders, our team crafts tailored intervention plans that resonate. Here, we champion every child's voice, ensuring they're heard, understood, and empowered to connect with the world around them. Discover the Spring Forward difference and let us be the guided in your child's communication journey.

Distinguishing Speech & Language: The Spring Forward Approach

Regulation and Connection: Foundations of Exceptional Communication

At Spring Forward, we recognise the subtle yet significant differences between speech and language. While speech revolves around the physical act of forming sounds, language dives deeper, focusing on the ability to express and comprehend thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Our unique approach in Speech Pathology ensures that the foundational pillars of regulation and connection are established first. We believe that true communication blossoms when a child feels regulated and connected, allowing them to not just speak, but to truly communicate with understanding and clarity. Journey with us as we pave the way for empowered voices and meaningful connections.

Key Benefits of Speech Pathology at Spring Forward

Empowering Voices: Tailored Speech Pathology with a Heartfelt Approach.

  • INDIVIDUALISED PLANNING! Harnessing approaches such as DIR/Floortime and Hanen approach, we cultivate personalised interactions that resonate with every child's unique developmental level and individual differences.

  • HOLISTIC LANGUAGE PROCESSING! Embracing a range of language processing methods, include Gestalt language processing techiques, we discern the best approach to language development.

  • BUILDING FOUNDATIONS! Rarely is a speech concern just a speech concern. We dig deeper into foundations by emphasising regulation and connection. This sets the stage for genuine interactions and successful communication experiences.

  • PLAY-BASED EXPLORATION! Utilising play-based therapy, we tap into the natural curiosity and expressive tendencies of children, facilitating an environment where they can freely communicate, explore, and grow. This method not only makes sessions engaging but also harnesses the innate power of play as a crucial medium for learning and development.

  • CHILD-LED INTERVENTION! By embracing a child-led approach, we prioritise and honour each child's unique interests and inclinations. This not only fosters genuine engagement but also ensures interventions are resonant, relevant, and effective, empowering children to lead their communication journey with confidence.

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