What is Telehealth with Spring Forward?

Redefining Remote Therapeutic Services. Professional Care, Digital Delivery

Telehealth at Spring Forward transcends boundaries, providing you with comprehensive assessments, tailored parent education, and robust ongoing sessions – all from the comfort of your own home, or any location of your choosing. On holidays? We can still support your family! Live in rural or remote Australia? We can connect with you there too! Leveraging modern technology and our deep-rooted commitment to care, our team, consisting of qualified therapists and dedicated therapy assistants, extends our services to clients regardless of their geographical location.

Whether it's through a voice call or a video conference, every session retains the hallmark quality and warmth of the Spring Forward experience. Our digital platform is both intuitive and secure, ensuring ease of use and confidentiality. With telehealth, distance no longer impedes access to the premium support and expertise that you and your family deserve. Join us, as we bridge the gap between convenience and quality care, one session at a time.

Telehealth Core Benefits

  • Accessibility

    Telehealth services eliminate geographical barriers, making healthcare and therapeutic services accessible to those living in remote areas, those with mobility challenges, or anyone unable to visit our Penrith Clinic.

  • Convenience & Flexibility

    Clients can receive services from the comfort of their homes, reducing travel time, wait times, and associated costs. This convenience often leads to better adherence to appointments and therapeutic recommendations.

  • Real Life Insights

    Engaging in telehealth from the home allows us to observe and understand how your child is engaging in day to day life. We can engage with any environmental triggers that might be affecting results, and set up home programs and activities live, in your home! This makes it easier for families apply new skills and strategies in the very place where true therapeutic benefits will be most felt and sustained.

Why Telehealth?

Some examples of families who are perfect for the telehealth approach with Spring Forward:

  • RURAL LOCATION! For families residing in remote or regional areas, telehealth bridges the distance, ensuring access to top-tier therapeutic services without the need to travel.

  • TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS! Whether due to health, mobility challenges, or lack of transportation, clients who find it difficult to commute can effortlessly connect with us online.

  • TIME POOR PARENTS! Professionals or Parents with demanding jobs or tight schedules can easily fit in therapy sessions without added commute or waiting times.

  • WORK FROM HOME PARENTS! Juggling schedules can be tough. Telehealth lets parents manage therapy sessions without disrupting the routines of other children.

  • SINGLE PARENTS! With a lot on their plate, single parents appreciate the convenience of not needing to leave their home while ensuring their child receives quality care.

  • MULTI-HOUSEHOLD PARENTING! For families with shared custody or parenting arrangements across different households, telehealth ensures consistency in therapy.

  • TEENS SEEKING AUTONOMY! For teenagers striving for independence, telehealth provides an avenue for them to manage and attend their own therapy sessions without the need for parental transportation.

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