Terms and Conditions for operations of MHNSF Pty Ltd T/A Spring Forward Family Centre


  • Harmful Code: any form of harmful, surreptitious code or other contaminants, including but not limited to viruses, bugs, trojan horses, spyware and adware. 
  • Loss – loss, damage, cost or expense (to any person or property) including consequential or indirect loss or any loss of profits, data or revenue.
  • Agency – any agency (including departments) of the Australian Government.
  • Participating Agencies – Australian Government agencies that are working with us to deliver the National Disability Insurance Agency service to you.
  • You and your –  the user of the website.
  • Our, us, we, Spring Forward, the provider and SFFC – MHNSF Pty Ltd T/A Spring Forward Family Centre.

General Terms and Conditions

Your use of our services, both online and offline, is governed by these General Terms and Conditions, which are designed to outline your rights and responsibilities, ensure a mutually beneficial relationship, and uphold the highest standards of care, integrity, and transparency. As a trusted provider of allied health services across occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, music therapy, art therapy, counselling, social work, psychology and other related services, we value your trust and are committed to delivering our services in line with both Australian legal and professional requirements. Before accessing or utilising our services, we kindly ask you to thoroughly review these terms and conditions, as they form a binding agreement between you and Spring Forward Family Centre.

  1. Introduction and Acceptance: This website and the services provided by Spring Forward, both online and offline, are operated and managed by MHNSF Pty Ltd, trading as Spring Forward Family Centre. By accessing, browsing, or using our website and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, kindly refrain from accessing our services or using this site.
  2. Account Creation and Usage: Users may register for an online account, which requires a unique user ID and password. This account grants access to various online services offered by Spring Forward. Account holders are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their credentials and are accountable for all activities that occur under their account.
  3. Jurisdiction and Governing Law: These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. By using this website, you irrevocably and unconditionally consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in NSW for any disputes arising out of or related to the use of this website and our services.
  4. Severability: In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is deemed invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable, such provision shall be severable from these terms and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms.
  5. Interrelation with Other Agreements: These terms pertain to this website and utility of Spring Forward's services. Using other Spring Forward platforms or services may entail additional terms or conditions.
  6. Amendments: We reserve the right to modify, update, or amend these Terms and Conditions at our discretion. Changes will be effective upon their posting on this website. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are updated on the terms governing the use of our website.
  7. Face-to-Face and Telehealth Services: By engaging in our clinic's face-to-face or telehealth services, users agree to:
    1. Respect appointment times, understanding that late arrivals may result in reduced session duration.
    2. Provide timely re-purposing notices, ideally 24 hours in advance, also providing information for useful re-purposing of clinicians' time.
    3.  Adhere to our clinic's behavioural standards, ensuring a respectful, safe environment for staff and other clients.
    4. Recognise that while telehealth offers convenience, technical issues might occasionally arise, for which Spring Forward is not liable.
  8. Online Courses and Product Sales:
    1. Purchased courses grant personal, non-transferable access. Sharing login details or course content is prohibited.
    2. Screen recording of course content is prohibited.
    3. Refund requests for courses or products must be made within 14 days of purchase, given valid reasons.
    4. Spring Forward retains the right to update course content or discontinue products without prior notice, although access to previously purchased courses remains unaffected.
  9. Professional Standards: Our online and offline services maintain high standards in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, music therapy, art therapy, counselling, social work, psychology and other provided services. Users, both providers and participants, are expected to uphold these standards. You acknowledge:
    1. Therapy is an individual process, and different professionals may have differing clinical evaluations. This is not necessarily evidence of malpractice
    2. Clients are encouraged to question advice and seek further information or second opinions.
  10. Use of Sensory-Motor Rooms: Users of our sensory-motor rooms acknowledge that participation in activities therein carries inherent risks of injury. By accessing and utilising the sensory-motor rooms, clients, including their guardians or representatives, voluntarily assume all risks associated with such activities. MHNSF Pty Ltd T/A Spring Forward Family Centre shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred in our sensory-motor rooms.
  11. Supervision of Children: MHNSF Pty Ltd T/A Spring Forward Family Centre does not provide supervision for children outside of structured service sessions or activities. Parents, guardians, or responsible adults must ensure the constant supervision of their children while on our premises. The responsibility and liability for the safety and actions of children onsite remain with the parent or guardian at all times. 
  12. Payment Requirements: 
    1. Payment at Booking: For services booked online, payment is required at the time of booking.
    2. Payment at Commencement: For therapy sessions, payment must be made at the start of the session, prior to the service being delivered.
    3. NDIS Participant Payments: For participants utilising the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), payments should be made through the approved NDIS platform in alignment with your plan. Service agreements and approvals are required before attending service. If we have evidence you have attended a service without a service agreement, we reserve the right to be paid through your funding for this service.
      1. NDIS Plan Fund Exhaustion: In instances where an NDIS participant exhausts their plan funds, they are required to cover the outstanding service fees privately.
    4. Self-Managed NDIS Participants: Participants who are self-managing their NDIS funds are required to pay at the time of service delivery.
    5. Payment Plans: Spring Forward Family Centre may consider payment plans upon formal written request to management. Approved payment plans will be facilitated through a direct debit platform chosen by the company. Clients who opt for this arrangement rather than pay in full will be responsible for any associated fees and must abide by the terms of the payment plan.
    6. Failure to adhere to these payment policies may result in the suspension of services or additional fees. It may also result in reporting to relevant bodies such as the NDIS Commission, or debt collection agencies. We encourage clients to communicate any financial concerns with our team to ensure a smooth and collaborative working relationship.
  13. Feedback and Queries: Should you have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding these Terms and Conditions, we encourage you to contact us. Open communication aids us in enhancing our platform and ensuring that we meet your needs effectively and responsibly.
  14. Disclaimer: While we endeavour to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the information on our website, there may be inadvertent inaccuracies or errors from time to time. Spring Forward Family Centre will not be liable for any inaccuracies or any actions taken based on the information provided on this website.

    Your understanding and adherence to these Terms and Conditions assist us in serving you better. We appreciate your cooperation and trust in Spring Forward Family Centre.

Tomatis Program Terms and Conditions

these terms and conditions are supplementary to SFFC's general terms and conditions.

  1. Program Duration:
    1. The Tomatis Program is structured to span 14 days. The commencement date (Day 1) is defined as the day the client collects the device. 
    2. The device must be returned by Day 15. Should Day 15 fall on a weekend, the device is expected to be returned on the subsequent business day.
  2. Late Return Penalties:
    1. Any delays in returning the device post the stipulated 14-day period will attract a fine of $400 per day until the device is returned.
  3. Device Care and Damage Liability:
    1. The device will undergo thorough inspection prior to collection and upon return. 
    2. Clients are encouraged to personally document the condition of the device provided and the device sent back. 
    3. By accepting the device, clients acknowledge the device is in good condition and was provided with all required components
    4. Clients are financially responsible for any damages incurred during their possession of the device and all relevant components. 
    5. In cases of extensive damage, clients may be liable for costs up to $4,500 – equivalent to the price of a brand-new device. Clients will be charged for the repairs plus a $150 administration fee
  4. Security Deposit:
    1. Upon collecting the device, clients are required to pay a deposit of $1000. This deposit serves as a guarantee against potential damages or loss. The deposit will be fully refunded when the device is returned in its original condition. Additionally, clients must provide an active payment method, which will be kept on file for the duration of the program.
  5. Payment Default Consequences:
    1. If clients fail to settle their accounts or if provided payment details have insufficient funds, serious debt collection measures will be initiated. Such actions can adversely affect a client's credit score.
  6. Responsibility of Care:
    1. While the device is in the client's possession, they bear full responsibility for its safety. Clients must ensure the device is stored securely. The Bluetooth Infinite headphones required for this program are designed to allow the device to be placed safely away from children or high-traffic areas.
  7. Headphones Provision:
    1. The fist Tomatis Program includes one pair of infinite headphones. These are the designated headphones for the program, and clients must use them. The company will not provide alternative or additional headphones. Clients may purchase an additional pair at a 10% discount if done so concurrently with the booking of their first program.
  8. Program Compliance:
    1. Clients must strictly adhere to the daily program schedule. Under no circumstances should a client complete more than the designated amount of music for a given day. If a day is missed, clients should not attempt to 'catch up' the following day. Only the allocated content for each specific day should be completed.
  9. Program Limitations:
    1. While engaged in the program, clients must abstain from:
      1. Consuming food (to avoid crunching and chewing sounds).
      2. Using screens, including phones, tablets, TVs, etc.
      3. Spending extended periods in a vehicle as a passenger.
      4. Operating heavy machinery, which includes driving cars.
  10. Cancellation Timeline and Fees:
    1. 8 Weeks' Notice: Clients wishing to cancel their engagement with the Tomatis Program are required to provide a minimum of 8 weeks' notice prior to the commencement date to avoid any cancellation fees.
    2. 4 Weeks' Notice: If cancellation is made with a notice period of 4 weeks, a 50% refund of the program fee will be provided.
    3. Less Than 4 Weeks Notice: Cancellations made with less than 4 weeks notice will result in forfeiture of the full program fee.
  11. Rationale for Cancellation Policy:
    1. Booking Constraints: Due to the structured cycles of our programs, it becomes challenging to accommodate another family with less than 4 weeks notice. 
    2. Impact on Other Clients: We'd like to remind clients of the substantial waitlist for the Tomatis Program. Late cancellations not only disrupt your progress but also impact the therapeutic timelines of other families awaiting their turn.
    3. We cannot guarantee when we could rebook you. Cancelling a program will place the client back on the waiting list to recommence a program.
  12. Cancellation Method:
    1. All cancellations must be communicated in writing to the company. Oral cancellations or those conveyed via unofficial channels will not be recognised.
  13. Best Practice and Rebooking Concerns:
    1. When considering the cancellation of a program, clients should be aware that the Tomatis Method follows specific inter-program intervals to ensure best practice. 
    2. Cancelling a program could compromise the ability to rebook within these optimal periods, potentially affecting the efficacy of the treatment. While we, as providers, always strive to uphold best practice standards, untimely cancellations can hinder our ability to guarantee the same.
  14. Cancellation Acceptance
    1. By accepting these terms and conditions, clients acknowledge the importance of timely cancellations and understand the implications of deviating from the advised timelines, both for themselves and the broader community relying on the Tomatis Program.
  15. Client's Autonomy and Engagement:
    1. Informed Decisions: While we endeavour to provide the most accurate recommendations and clinically sound solutions based on our expertise, the client always retains the autonomy to choose which aspects of the program to engage with.
    2. Open Communication: We encourage clients to actively participate in their therapeutic journey. This includes asking questions, seeking clarifications, and discussing any concerns they might have with our team.
    3. Personal Judgment: Clients are expected to act with their own judgment and discretion throughout the program. While our recommendations are based on established therapeutic practices and research, every individual's experience and needs are unique. Clients should evaluate our advice in the context of their personal circumstances and decide on the best course of action for themselves.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the client acknowledges their understanding of the rules and liabilities associated with the Tomatis Program and accepts all financial responsibilities stipulated herein.

Therapy and NDIS Participant Service Agreements

To engage in therapy or utilise NDIS-paid services with SFFC, all clients must execute a service agreement.

The provisions herein relate to the service agreement executed by new clients initiating services with the clinical and consultancy team of Spring Forward Family Centre. While the content of this agreement remains largely unchanged, it has undergone minor revisions as of 20 October 2023. It applies to all clients who have commenced services on or after this date. Updates to our policies will be communicated to clients via our internal newsletter. Spring Forward disclaims any liability if a client fails to read, review, or heed the contents of this newsletter. Furthermore, Spring Forward assumes no responsibility for clients who have opted out of receiving our newsletter. 

Integration of Data Between Cliniko and Theratrak

In our ongoing efforts to provide efficient and comprehensive care, we utilise both Cliniko (our practice management software) and Theratrak (a home program and therapy session planning application). To enhance the effectiveness of our services, we integrate data between these two platforms. This integration allows for seamless management of client information, therapy planning, and home program development.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you consent to the following:

1. Data Sharing and Integration:

  • You grant us permission to integrate your or your child’s data between Cliniko and Theratrak. This includes the transfer of relevant personal and health information necessary for therapy planning and home program development.
  • This primarily includes name, email, activity prescriptions and compliance data

2. Use of Theratrak for Home Programs:

  • You acknowledge and agree that we will use Theratrak for the development and management of all client home programs and therapy/program assistant plans. Theratrak is designed to provide an interactive and user friendly experience for us to share tailored, accessible home exercise and therapy programs, contributing to better therapy outcomes.

3. Confidentiality and Security:

  • We assure you that the confidentiality and security of your personal data are paramount. Both Cliniko and Theratrak adhere to strict privacy and data protection standards to ensure your information is handled securely and responsibly. 

4. Access to Home Programs:

  • Through Theratrak, you will have access to personalised home programs, including exercises and activities prescribed by our team. This platform allows for interactive engagement and tracking of progress.

5. Feedback and Updates:

  • We encourage your active participation and feedback on the home programs provided through Theratrak. Your input is valuable in ensuring the programs are effective and meet your or your child’s specific needs.

By consenting to these terms, you enable us to provide a more integrated, personalised, and effective therapeutic experience. We are committed to using these tools responsibly and in the best interest of our clients’ therapeutic journeys.

Onsite, Offsite, and/or Online Assessments

Terms and Conditions for Booking and Attending a Therapy Assessment

  1. Booking and Deposit: To secure a therapy assessment appointment, clients are required to pay a 50% deposit of the total assessment fee. This deposit is non-refundable.
  2. Cancellation and Rescheduling: If a client wishes to cancel or reschedule an assessment appointment, a minimum of 5 business days' notice is required. If less than this notice is given, the appointment may be repurposed at the discretion of Spring Forward Family Centre, or the full assessment fee will be charged as a cancellation. Rescheduling after such a cancellation may incur an additional cost.
  3. Onsite, Offsite, and Online Assessments:
    1. Onsite Assessments: Clients attending assessments at our clinic are bound by the general terms and conditions of our service.
    2. Offsite Assessments: Clients choosing an offsite location for their assessment do so at their own risk. Spring Forward Family Centre does not assume responsibility or liability for the safety and conditions of offsite locations.
    3. Online Assessments: Our online assessments are conducted using tools and methods that are approved for telehealth delivery. These assessments rely on both the selected tools and the observational skills of the practitioner conducting the session. Spring Forward does not assume any liability for the safety of the location or the participant during telehealth appointments. Parental/Caregiver/Guardian supervision is required at all times.
  4. Assessment Duration: All therapy assessments are confined to the specified timeframe outlined at the time of booking. Extensions beyond this timeframe may not be available, nor is reduction of costs if an assessment runs short. In the case of a short assessment, this time is available to the client to provide other services such as:
    1. Parent education
    2. Intervention
    3. Resource development
  5. Limitations and Liability: Spring Forward Family Centre endeavours to provide comprehensive and standardised assessments to all clients. However, we cannot guarantee the completion or effectiveness of an assessment due to unforeseen circumstances or limitations. In such cases, we are not liable for any assessments deemed incomplete or ineffective.
  6. Rescheduling at Additional Cost: Should there be a need to reschedule an assessment due to factors beyond our control or due to the aforementioned limitations, an additional cost may be incurred.
  7. Scope of Online Assessments: It is understood that online assessments are subject to the available telehealth tools and the clinical observation capabilities of our practitioners. As such, the scope of online assessments may differ from in-person assessments.

Clients are advised to read and understand these terms and conditions thoroughly before booking an assessment. By booking an assessment with Spring Forward Family Centre, clients agree to these terms and conditions in their entirety. 

Onsite, Offsite, or Telehealth Therapy Screeners

  1. Nature of Screeners: All screeners provided by Spring Forward Family Centre are summary screeners. They are designed to provide a brief overview and are not comprehensive assessments. No detailed history is taken, and they reflect the performance and presentation of each client/child on the given day at the time of the screener.
  2. Duration: Screeners are intended to last 20 minutes for standard screeners or 30 minutes for a Bayley screener. This is the maximum time, and they may be completed in less than this time. Clients should be prepared for their session to remain within this timeframe.
  3. Unforeseen Events: Spring Forward Family Centre does not hold responsibility for any unforeseen events or circumstances that may lead to a screener being incomplete. If such a situation arises, clients have the option to have the screener redone, but this will incur an additional cost.
  4. Onsite, Offsite, and Telehealth Screeners:
    1. Onsite Screeners: Clients attending screeners at our clinic should adhere to the general terms and conditions of our service.
    2. Offsite Screeners: When an offsite location is chosen by the client for the screener, Spring Forward Family Centre is not responsible or liable for the conditions or safety of that location.
    3. Telehealth Screeners: Screeners conducted online adhere to tools and methods suited for telehealth and rely on both the standardisation of the tool and the clinical observation of the practitioner. Spring Forward is not responsible for the environment or safety of the client during this time, and a parent/caregiver/guardian must be present and engaged at all times. 
  5. Screening Limitations: Screeners focus solely on performance within the session and do not involve a detailed history review. There may be underlying or concealed concerns not evident during the screener. Spring Forward Family Centre is not liable for any missed or unidentified concerns due to these limitations.
  6. Standardisation and Clinical Skill: While screeners are standardised according to age and the specific discipline, their effectiveness also depends on the clinical skill of the administering practitioner. 
  7. Missed Appointments: If a client misses a screener appointment, they will not be eligible for a refund. Rebooking a missed screener is possible, but will come at an additional cost.

By scheduling a screener with Spring Forward Family Centre, clients acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions in full. 

Group Programs and Online Courses

The following terms and conditions pertain to group programs, workshops, and online courses provided by Spring Forward Family Centre, whether delivered face-to-face in our clinic, via telehealth, or purchased online for self-paced learning. By enrolling in or purchasing any of these offerings, you agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. Liability and Safety:
    1. Parental Supervision: For all telehealth group sessions or programs, as well as self-paced online courses, parental or guardian supervision is mandatory to ensure the child's safety during participation. Spring Forward Family Centre is not responsible for any incidents or injuries that might occur during sessions.
    2. Self-Paced Online Courses: For courses that are designed to be done at home at the participant's own pace, Spring Forward Family Centre does not assume liability for recommendations or activities contained within. It is imperative for customers to understand that while these courses may be designed by registered therapists, we do not possess specific information about individual participants and their personal contexts. As such, any activity or recommendation is at the discretion and judgment of the participant or their guardian.
      1. Do not engage in any recommended activity if is goes against advice given specific to your family. This may be medical advice or another advice relating to your specific circumstances.
    3. Safety and Venue Liability: For programs conducted online or via telehealth, Spring Forward Family Centre does not assume responsibility for the safety of the location chosen by the participant. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure a safe environment for participating in online or telehealth sessions.
  2.  Professional Recommendations:
    1. Therapist Endorsement: While the activities and recommendations in our programs and courses are endorsed by qualified and registered therapists, these therapists may not have conducted individual evaluations of each participant. Participants should seek personalised advice before implementing any recommendations if they have concerns.
    2. No Substitute for Personal Consultation: The content provided in group programs or online courses is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for a direct consultation with a healthcare professional. If you have specific concerns about your health or wellbeing, please seek appropriate professional advice.
  3. Course Access and Usage:
    1. Access Period: For online courses purchased via Thinkific, participants will have access to the course material for a specified duration, as outlined at the time of purchase. After this period, access may be restricted.
    2. Usage Rights: All course materials, whether for face-to-face, telehealth, or online courses, are copyrighted and are provided for individual use only. Reproducing, recording, distributing, or using the materials for commercial purposes without explicit consent from Spring Forward Family Centre is strictly prohibited.
  4. Payments and Refunds:
    1. Payments: Full payment for group programs or online courses must be received before the commencement of the program or access to the online course. Full payment is required and will not be adjusted for availability to attend
    2. Refunds: Refund requests for group programs or online courses will align with our general Returns and Refunds Policy, considering any specific conditions related to these offerings. They are subject to management discretion, but unlikely to be refunded.
  5. General Provisions:
    1. Amendments: Spring Forward Family Centre reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. It is the responsibility of participants to stay updated with the latest terms.
    2. Governing Law: These terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.
  6. Ther Group Participation Criteria. The participant must:
    1. Be capable of following a group plan, with allowances for visual support and verbal prompting.
    2. Have the ability to sustain attention for up to 10 minutes at intervals, with the provision of frequent supports and movement breaks.
    3. Be safe around others and themselves. Have an absence of unmanageable behavioral challenges.
    4. Not exhibit tendencies to leave the room unexpectedly.
    5. Not have tendencies towards aggressive behaviors.
    6. Demonstrate capability to be easily supported when experiencing dysregulation.
    7. Have the ability to express needs, wants, and ideas with minimal support.
    8. Have the ability to follow instructions comprising three keywords, with allowance for up to two repetitions.
    9. Be able to engage (verbally or non-verbally) with peers.
    10. Have the ability to transition in and out of sessions with a maximum of one repetition or prompt.
    11. Not have a medical condition that is unmanageable in a group setting.
  7. After School and Holiday Program Participation Criteria. The participant must:
    1. Be able to follow a group plan with minimal assistance.
    2. Be able to actively participate in all activities and set tasks as required.
    3. Be able to sustain attention for up to 20 minutes at a time with minimal support.
    4. Be safe with self and others within a group.
    5. Have the skills and self-control to remain with the group.
    6. No exhibit flight behaviours or run and hide behaviours. 
    7. Have effective and accurate verbal expression of needs, wants, and ideas. 
    8. Have the capacity to follow instructions 2-3 step instructions effortlessly.
    9. Be able to engage with similar-aged peers.
    10. Have the ability to mobilise Independently.
    11. Seamlessly transition in and out of sessions.
    12. Not have a medical condition that is unmanageable in a group setting.

Participants are encouraged to reach out to Spring Forward Family Centre for any queries or clarifications regarding these terms and conditions.

Video Recording, Photography and Media Release

Part A: Client Recording of Provider, Facilities, and Staff

  1. Restrictions on Recording:
    1.  Clients or their representatives are not permitted to record, be it images or footage, the provider, its facilities, staff, or other representatives without explicit written consent from company management.
    2. In any situation where recording is permitted, explicit consent must be obtained through a discussion with the provider before the session. The provider and its representatives must not be identifiable in this footage.
  2. Usage Restrictions:
    1. Any permitted recording shall not be used for public dissemination, including but not limited to social media platforms (e.g., YouTube, Facebook) or any other public forum. It is for personal usage only, and must not be distributed in any way
    2. The provider, its facilities, and any identifiable features or logos must not be visible or discernible in any part of the recording.
  3. Consent Withdrawal: The provider reserves the right to revoke any previously granted recording permissions at any time. The provider can request evidence of the destruction of content, and the client/participant/representative with the recording must provide this.

Part B: Provider Recording of Clients

  1. Purpose of Recording - these reasons are permitted unconditionally by the participant:  
    1. The provider may, on occasion, find it beneficial to record sessions for internal purposes, including clinical evaluation, professional development, and internal case studies. Participants permits this within the bounds of the Privacy Policy.
    2. The provider may, on occasion, record an activity to show a participant's representative following the activity.
    3. The provider may record an activity or movement to provide feedback to the client for clinical/treatment benefits/reasons.
    4. The provider will take photos of groups and programs for social media and website updates on the programs that have run. Where possible, they will minimise identifiable features, however this may not always be possible.
  2. Purpose of Recording - these reasons, the participant is able to decline:
    1. Photos or recordings in therapy sessions for the purpose of Social Media or website utility where the client is visually identifiable
  3. Usage Restrictions - Recordings of clients relating to item 1 will be:
    1. Stored securely, ensuring confidentiality.
    2. Used solely for the intended purposes.
    3. Never used externally or outside the immediate business practices of Spring Forward Family Centre without written consent from the client or their representative.
  4. Promotion and Advertising:
    1. Clients consent to the use of non-identifiable photographs or approved photographs of their child/family for internal and marketing purposes, such as on social media platforms and the provider’s official website.
    2. For group sessions or programs, photographs might be utilised for promotional activities. To exclude a child or family from this, a written request must be submitted to the provider.
    3. Clients reserve the right to request the removal of a photograph from public forums. The provider agrees to honour all reasonable requests promptly.


By submitting a service agreement and/or agreeing to Spring Forward terms and conditions, the client acknowledges and agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned in both parts A and B of this agreement. The provider commits to upholding the standards set in this agreement, ensuring the privacy and respect of all parties involved.

Affiliate Product Recommendations and Commissions

  1. Affiliate Recommendations: Spring Forward Family Centre may recommend products or services to clients through affiliate partnerships. These recommendations are made in good faith based on our knowledge and experience at the time of the recommendation. Purchase of these products may be financially beneficial to Spring Forward.
  2. Due Diligence: While we endeavour to partner with reputable providers, it is important for clients to understand that we do not control these third-party providers and, as such, cannot guarantee the quality, safety, efficacy, or availability of their products or services.
  3. No Endorsement: An affiliate recommendation does not constitute a full endorsement of the product, service, or the third-party provider. It is a suggestion that we believe may be beneficial to our clients based on the information available to us.
  4. No Liability: Spring Forward Family Centre shall not be held liable or responsible for any issues, disputes, damages, or discrepancies related to the purchase, use, quality, or function of products or services recommended through our affiliate links. All concerns or disputes should be addressed directly with the relevant third-party provider.
  5. Disclosure: We will provide transparency about our affiliate relationships, and when a product or service recommendation includes an affiliate link, it will be clearly disclosed to the client.
  6. Independent Decision: While we provide recommendations, the decision to purchase or use any product or service rests solely with the client. We advise all clients to conduct their research and due diligence before making any purchase decisions.
  7. Changes and Updates: Spring Forward Family Centre reserves the right to update, change, or remove affiliate partnerships and recommendations at any time without prior notice. Clients are encouraged to check our terms and conditions periodically for any changes.

By using the services of Spring Forward Family Centre and considering our affiliate product recommendations, clients acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions in full.

Products Sold by Spring Forward

  1. Product Descriptions: Spring Forward Family Centre strives to ensure that product descriptions, images, and pricing are accurate. However, errors may occur. In the event of a mistake, we reserve the right to correct any errors and to change or update information at any time without prior notice.
  2. Drop Shipping & Print on Demand: Some products sold by Spring Forward Family Centre may be fulfilled by third-party drop shippers or print-on-demand providers. While we choose our partners carefully, Spring Forward Family Centre does not hold stock of these items and has limited control over production, packaging, and shipping processes.
  3. Quality Assurance: For products we supply directly, we aim to provide items of satisfactory quality. For products supplied through third-party providers, we rely on their quality controls but will address any consistent issues with the respective partner.
  4. Shipping & Delivery: Estimated delivery times are provided as a guideline only and do not take into account possible delays. Spring Forward Family Centre is not responsible for any delays or for any damages suffered due to the use of the ordered product.
  5. Returns & Refunds: For products supplied directly by Spring Forward Family Centre, returns and refunds will be processed in accordance with our returns policy. For items fulfilled by third-party providers, their individual return and refund policies will apply. Customers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these policies at the time of purchase.
  6. Limitation of Liability: Spring Forward Family Centre's liability in connection with any product is strictly limited to the purchase price of that product. We are not responsible for indirect losses related to any product sold.
  7. Customer Obligations: Customers are responsible for providing accurate shipping and contact information. Spring Forward Family Centre is not liable for non-delivery due to errors in the provided information.
  8. Changes to Products: We reserve the right to discontinue any product, change product specifications, or adjust pricing at any time without prior notice.
  9. Safety & Use: Customers should always read and follow product instructions (if provided). Spring Forward Family Centre is not responsible for damages or injuries resulting from misuse or from products used in a manner not in accordance with manufacturer's instructions or intended product usage. 
  10. Data Protection & Privacy: Any personal information provided during the purchase process will be processed in line with Spring Forward Family Centre's privacy policy. Accounts for product sales will occur through the Shopify platform and are also subject to their privacy policies and storage requirements.
  11. Governing Law: These terms and conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or related to them will be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

By purchasing products from Spring Forward Family Centre, customers acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions in full.

Paid and Unpaid Online Communities

Spring Forward Family Centre's Online Communities are facilitated through Thinkific. These terms govern the use of our online communities, both paid and unpaid, and are in addition to the general terms and conditions outlined for other services provided by Spring Forward Family Centre.

Respectful Behaviour

All members are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner. Harassment, bullying, discrimination, or any form of disruptive or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. We value the diversity and uniqueness of all members and expect everyone to treat each other with dignity and respect.

Content Contributions

Members may have the opportunity to post, share, or contribute content. All shared content must be appropriate, respectful, and not in violation of any laws or rights of others. You are solely responsible for any content you share and the consequences of sharing it.

Our Right to Moderate and Refuse Participation

Spring Forward Family Centre reserves the right to moderate all community interactions and content. If a member does not adhere to our guidelines, we reserve the right to remove the offending content, issue warnings, or revoke community access without notice or refund (if applicable).

Intellectual Property

All content shared by Spring Forward Family Centre within the community remains the intellectual property of Spring Forward Family Centre or its content contributors. Members are not allowed to redistribute, reproduce, or use such content for commercial purposes without express written permission. Opinions provided by individual therapists or representatives are their opinion and expertise and may or may not align with Spring Forward as an organisation. 


While we endeavour to maintain a safe and open community environment, members should exercise discretion when sharing personal or sensitive information. Spring Forward Family Centre is not responsible for any unauthorised use or disclosure of information shared within the community by other members.

Limitation of Liability

While we aim to provide a vibrant and supportive community, Spring Forward Family Centre is not responsible for the actions, content, information, or data of third parties, including other community members. We encourage members to exercise caution and critical thinking when interacting with others.

Changes to Terms

Spring Forward Family Centre may modify these community terms and conditions from time to time. Members will be informed of significant changes, but it remains the member's responsibility to review the terms periodically to stay updated.


If a member violates these terms or any other applicable agreement, Spring Forward Family Centre reserves the right to terminate their access to the online community without notice or refund.

Contact and Feedback

For questions or feedback regarding these terms, please contact our team.

Refunds and Returns

Services Refund Policy

  1. Non-refundable Services: All fees related to services, including but not limited to therapy, assessments, and screeners, are non-refundable except in extenuating circumstances.
  2. Extenuating Circumstances: Refunds for services under extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Such circumstances may include sudden medical emergencies or other situations deemed appropriate by management.
  3. Management's Discretion: Any request for a refund based on extenuating circumstances will be at the sole discretion of Spring Forward Family Centre's management.

Products Refund Policy

  1. Eligibility for Return: Products purchased from Spring Forward Family Centre can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase, provided they are in their original condition, unused, unopened, and with all original packaging and documentation.
  2. Faulty Products: If a product is found to be faulty or not as described, customers are entitled to a full refund, exchange, or store credit, whichever they prefer. Faulty products must be reported within 14 days of receipt and proof of purchase provided.
  3. Process for Returns: To initiate a return, customers must first contact our customer service team with their order details and reason for return. Once approved, they will be provided with instructions on how to return the product.
  4. Refund Processing Time: Once the returned product is received and inspected, customers will be notified of the approval or rejection of their refund. If approved, the refund will be processed, and a credit will be applied to the original payment method within 7-10 business days.
  5. Exceptions: Certain products, due to their nature, may not be returned. Examples may include digital downloads, personalised items, or health and personal care items. Customers are advised to check product listings for any specific return limitations.

General Conditions

  1. Proof of Purchase: All requests for returns or refunds require proof of purchase.
  2. Shipping Costs: Unless the product is faulty or not as described, the customer will be responsible for paying their own shipping costs for returning the product. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  3. Reserving Rights: Spring Forward Family Centre reserves the right to refuse a return or refund if it does not comply with this policy.
  4. Governing Law: This returns and refunds policy and any dispute or claim arising out of or related to it will be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

Thank you for shopping at Spring Forward Family Centre. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact our customer service team.

Safety and Respect Agreement

Spring Forward emphasises safety and respect in all interactions. We strictly adhere to Work Health and Safety regulations and the standards set by the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian to ensure a child-safe space. Your cooperation as parents or carers is essential to maintaining this environment. 


  • Parents/carers must supervise children in the Reception area. Leaving children with our staff outside of session times will incur a $100 fee.
  • Maintain respectful and honest interactions; avoid offensive or threatening behaviour or language.
  • Exhibit positive behaviour as role models for children.
  • We prefer you attend 1:1 sessions. In circumstances where you do not attend the session, arrive 15 minutes prior to session end for treatment discussions with therapists.

Spring Forwards Statement of Commitment to Child Safety and Compliance with the Child Safe Standards

At Spring Forward our mission is for clarity, joy and empowerment to drive parents, early educators and young children towards their full potential. We are dedicated and passionate about making a positive impact in children’s learning and developmental outcomes by offering support to parents and professionals.

 In order to raise healthy and thriving children all aspects of children’s development is to be prioritised, this is inclusive of their physical and emotional safety. Our early experiences in childhood shape our future life outcomes, Spring Forward is committed to protecting and advocating for the safety of children to safeguard healthy brain development.   

Every child deserves the best start in life and what each child needs to put their best foot forward is different. At Spring Forward we recognise children’s individual differences and approach our operations with understanding, empathy and equity so that we can best support each child in reaching their full potential. We are confident in identifying vulnerabilities and challenges that pose a negative impact on development and are committed to prioritising child safety, advocating for its fundamental role in children’s ability to learn and develop. 

Spring Forward embodies and upholds the UN rights of the child. All children have a right to be safe and our promise to you is to:  


  • Treat everyone with equity, kindness and compassion.  
  • Promote inclusion and belonging.  


  • Maintain open communication.  
  • Educate on evidence-based practices and recommendations. 
  • Provide support on how to prioritise and advocate for child safety  


  • Undertake our operations with a child centered focus and acting in children’s best interest.  
  • Ensure there are multiple opportunities for children to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions and be involved in decision making processes that directly impact them.  
  • Be responsive to children’s cues and non verbal language, enabling us to action and advocate for their needs.  


  • We will listen to children’s voice and identify and respond to concerns, taking action to prioritise child safety.  
  • Support children’s autonomy and development of emotional intelligence to foster increasing awareness of unsafe circumstances and what to do when you feel unsafe and where they can seek help 


  • Maintain honest communication and integrity in our operations and engagement with children and their families.  
  • Commit to an ongoing process of professional learning and development so that we can best support children. 
  • Recognise our own mistakes and areas for development and offer transparency in our continued improvement process. 


  • Create safe and supportive learning environments. 
  • Have a zero-tolerance approach to child safety being compromised and towards child abuse.