The Essence of Community Engagement

A Key to Holistic Growth for Teens and Children

Community engagement is a powerful force in shaping the developmental trajectory of children and teens, especially those who are neurodivergent. It involves actively participating in communal activities and interacting with diverse groups of people, fostering a sense of belonging and connection. For neurodivergent children, who may experience challenges in social communication and interaction, community engagement can be particularly transformative. Research has shown that integrating these children into community-based programs significantly enhances their social skills, adaptive behaviours, and overall emotional well-being.

By engaging in community activities, such as those offered in Spring Forward's Adventure Program, teens and children not only learn to navigate social environments but also develop resilience, empathy, and understanding of different perspectives. For neurodivergent individuals, this can lead to improved self-esteem, a reduction in feelings of isolation, and the development of meaningful relationships. The Adventure Program, with its diverse and inclusive range of activities, offers an ideal platform for such engagement, promoting holistic growth and the flourishing of all participants in a supportive and engaging community setting.

Unlocking Potential Through Community-Based Adventure

Empowering Teens and Kids within Our Community

At Spring Forward, we firmly believe in the transformative power of community engagement, especially for young minds. Our Adventure Program stands as a shining example of this belief in action. By running this program within the community, we create an immersive environment for teens to interact with the world around them in meaningful ways. From thrilling water parks and serene river walks to the adrenaline rush of rock climbing and the strategic fun of escape rooms, our carefully selected activities are not just entertainment. They're designed to nurture social skills, build confidence, enhance self-esteem, and teach invaluable life skills and self-regulation in a real-world community setting.

The Adventure Weekly Program, specifically tailored for teens, adds an extra layer of engagement by handing them the reins. Participants receive a budget and take charge of organising activities of their choice, including planning and booking. This approach cultivates leadership skills and decision-making abilities. 

On the other hand, the Adventure Holiday Program offers a week-long, structured escapade where all the planning is taken care of. Here, kids just need to show up with an eagerness to learn, socialise, challenge their boundaries, and most importantly, have a blast! Whether it’s fostering independence through the Weekly Program or providing a carefree space for growth in the Holiday Program, Spring Forward's Adventure Program is where community engagement meets personal development.


Discover the Adventure Program!

7 Compelling Reasons to Join: From Skill Building to Inclusive Fun, Your Child's Journey Awaits

  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT! Engaging in diverse activities like rock climbing and river walks helps participants build a broad spectrum of skills, from physical coordination to strategic thinking.

  • BOOSTING CONFIDENCE! Conquering challenges in a safe, fun environment empowers teens to believe in their capabilities, enhancing their self-confidence and self-worth.

  • NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSES! With all entry fees to activities covered in the program cost, parents can rest assured that there are no hidden expenses, making for a stress-free, all-encompassing adventure.

  • NEURO-DIVERGENT FRIENDLY! Tailored to be inclusive, our program offers a supportive space for neurodivergent children, ensuring they too can benefit from community engagement and skill-building activities.

  • FOSTERING SOCIAL SKILLS! Group activities such as bowling and laser tag provide an excellent opportunity for teens to interact, communicate, and form lasting friendships, improving their social competence.

  • CULTIVATING LEADERSHIP! The Adventure Weekly Program uniquely allows participants to plan and organise activities, nurturing their decision-making skills and leadership qualities.

  • PROMOTING LIFE SKILLS! The varied, real-world settings of our activities help teens learn self-regulation, adaptability, and essential life skills, setting a strong foundation for their future.