What is Consultancy at Spring Forward?

Focused on planning, educating and meeting the needs of the community.

The demand for therapy and support is at an all time high! There are more families seeking advice and intervention then there are therapists to meet the demand. Moreover, teachers and schools are experiencing new behaviours and severe academic gaps in learning many have never faced before!

Our consultancy team is about putting in the time to plan, understand and recommend solutions to parents, families, educators, teachers, principals and businesses in our community! 

Each consultant has a unique skill set and their team is highly trained and qualified in meeting the needs of our communities. Book with one consultant or many - we are about personalising your experience and the results! 

Why Use Our Consultants?

  • Convenient! We meet with you on the phone, online, or we come to you.

  • Personalised Solutions! We listen to your individual circumstances and goals to develop strategies reflective of your budget, time, motivations and vision.

  • Cost Effective! Why pay $800 for a comprehensive assessment if you can support your child with a $400 personalised strategy?

  • Flexiblity! We work to your schedules and timelines rather than making you work to ours.

  • Empowering You! We aim to help you understand the barrier and solutions we determine, and support your on-going success

  • Community! Our consultants run group education, mentoring and support groups.

Get a Consultancy Case Study!

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Dream Consultancy Clients

Who did we create the consultancy program for?

  • Therapy Assistant Clients

    Get your goals, home programs and therapy plans reviewed with ease! A cost effective and time-sensitive approach to reviewing progress and recommendations.

  • Financially Restricted Community Members

    The personalised and cost effective approach enables us to support a range of families in our local and national community. No NDIS funding? This might be perfect for you and your family.

  • Families On Therapy Waiting Lists

    Get started with your learning, understanding and therapy programs at home or at school while you wait! Long wait times see families struggling to access the onsite intervention they desperately seek. We can help while you wait.

  • Teachers and Support Workers

    Providing training and education on supporting a wide range of learners in the classroom. Join a group discussion or pay for individual training - it is up to you! Children spend so much time at school, we appreciate the power a teacher has in the classroom and are here to help.

  • School Administration

    Working with principals and centre directors enables us to support connection and access to affordable and high-quality services to meet your needs. Be it teacher training, wellness initiatives, classroom set up recommendations, review of certification requirements - we are here to assist!

  • Rural and Remote Communities

    We appreciate the shortage of therapy supports to our community members in the country. Our online consultancy enables us to support a wide range or community members. Some of our consultants even love to travel and can come to you.