The Therapy Assistant Program

Spring is a time of growth and renewal, and at Spring Forward Family Centre, we're dedicated to nurturing your child's development every step of the way. Dive into our Therapy Assistant Program, a cost-effective solution blending the expertise of trained professionals with personalised care. Whether you're seeking strategies for school term or holiday support, our tailored programs and skilled therapy assistants are here to propel your child's progress. Discover the difference, and let your child spring forward with us.

Why Therapy Assistants?

Here are our TOP 5 Benefits of working with a therapy assistant at Spring Forward.

  • COST EFFECTIVE CARE! Receive quality therapeutic support at a fraction of the usual cost, allowing families to save considerably without compromising on the calibre of service.

  • PERSONALISED ATTENTION! Our therapy assistants, trained by a seasoned clinical team, offer individualised sessions tailored to your child's unique needs, ensuring a more focused and responsive approach.

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING! Whether during the school term or holidays, our therapy assistants are available to seamlessly fit into your family's routine, offering consistent support when it's most needed.

  • HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT! With a blend of allied health students, certified allied health assistants, and trained ex-early childhood workers, our team brings a diverse set of skills, ensuring comprehensive developmental support for your child.

  • COLLABORATIVE PROGRESSION MONITORING! Regular check-ins between therapists and therapy assistants ensure consistent feedback and adaptive strategies, fostering continuous growth and positive outcomes for your child.

Therapy Assistant Mandatory Training

What are our therapy assistants trained in? Here are the TOP 6 skills all our TA's have.

  • SENSORY PROCESSING! Our therapy assistants are skilled in sensory processing techniques, helping children interact optimally with their environment.

  • REGULATION MANAGEMENT! Trained in regulation management, our assistants equip children with strategies to navigate and manage their emotions.

  • FOUNDATIONS OF DIR/FLOORTIME! Embracing the DIR/Floortime approach, our therapy assistants focus on developmental play and emotional interactions to promote holistic growth.

  • REFLEX INTEGRATION! Our therapy assistants are confident in RMT, using rhythmic motions to enhance neural connections and support emotional and physical development in children. Some are even level 1 and 2 certified themselves!

  • SAFETY AND FIRST AID! Our assistants are trained in child-specific first aid and CPR, ensuring a safe therapeutic environment.

  • BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT! Equipped with behaviour support techniques, our team ensures children remain engaged and motivated during sessions.

Want to Become a Therapy Assistant?

Are you an allied health assistant, allied health student or an ECEC professional looking for a change? Love working with kids? This job is for you!