Tuning into Tomatis: A Symphony of Healing at Spring Forward

Resonate with Renewed Potential

At Spring Forward, we recognise the profound power of sound, and its role in sculpting our neurophysiological and emotional landscapes. The Tomatis program is not just about listening; it's an immersive auditory journey crafted to recalibrate and enhance neural connections, fostering optimised learning, communication, and well-being. What makes our Tomatis experience stand out? It's the Spring Forward difference: our tailored blend of expertise, passion, and our commitment to holistically understanding every individual, ensuring that the soundscape we craft resonates deeply, igniting profound transformations.

Tomatis: The Sound of Transformation

Experience Revolutionary Auditory Therapy with a 14-Day Program

Tomatis is an innovative auditory intervention that harnesses the power of filtered music to stimulate and re-educate the brain, enhancing its sensory integration and processing abilities. Embarking on a unique 14-day journey, participants at Spring Forward delve deep into a world of cognitive and sensory improvements, all while in the comfort of their own homes. For a detailed understanding, don't miss our explainer video courtesy of Tomatis Australia.

Tomatis: Sound Therapy for Everyone

Resonating with Diverse Audiences Across the Globe

The Tomatis method, originally designed as a sound therapy for specific auditory processing concerns, has blossomed into a holistic approach resonating with a broad range of individuals. Its adaptive principles and techniques are not limited to those with diagnosed auditory challenges. Many across the spectrum of age, background, and needs have found solace in its harmonious embrace. Some registered Tomatis Practitioners suggest that a significant portion of the general population, regardless of age or developmental stage, can benefit from its techniques. From enhancing listening skills to promoting emotional well-being, the Tomatis method extends its melody of benefits universally. As with any therapeutic approach, outcomes can vary, but the broad applicability of Tomatis speaks volumes about its potential to touch lives in myriad ways.

Harnessing the Power of Tomatis: Key Aspects at Spring Forward

Where Cutting-Edge Sound Therapy Meets Multidisciplinary Support

  • HOLISTIC INTEGRATION! At Spring Forward, Tomatis is more than just sound therapy; we enrich the experience by integrating therapeutic techniques and principles.

  • EXPERT GUIDANCE! Our team of trained professionals ensures that the Tomatis experience is transformative, personal, and deeply impactful.

  • PSYCHOSOCIAL EMPOWERMENT! We infuse psychosocial strategies to ensure the individual feels supported and understood throughout their Tomatis journey.

  • THERAPEUTIC USE OF ART! Creative expression is encouraged with Tomatis; our recommendations from the Art Therapy team increase the impact of this emotional exploration.

  • WHOLE FAMILY APPROACH! You pay for the 14-day home program, and we prescribe a program for as many family members as you like. Brains that fire together, wire together!

  • EMOTIONAL AND COGNITIVE BOOST! Engaging with Tomatis can elevate mood, improve concentration, and heighten memory.

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