Nurturing Social Minds Through Stories

Unlock the World of Social Thinking with Picture-Packed Stories and Group Play

Embark on a captivating journey with Spring Forward's We Thinkers program, a venture that turns storytime into a vibrant hub of social learning and comprehension. Drawing inspiration from the renowned methods of Social Thinking®️, our program is tailored to transform book reading into a thrilling and educational adventure. If you've ever watched your child struggle to communicate socially, or understand others emotionally, We Thinkers was designed for them.

In this innovative program, we delve into the realm of social thinking through immersive storytelling, using books with vivid pictures and minimal words. This approach not only enhances your child's learning experience but also significantly boosts their ability to grasp and interpret the material. In a nurturing group setting, children get inquisitive, exploring and understanding their own emotions. But the adventure doesn't stop there; they also become adept at deciphering the feelings and thoughts of others, transforming into empathetic social thinkers.

Utilising a spectrum of play-based methods, We Thinkers skillfully imparts essential social perspective skills. It's not just about the stories; it's about the rich lessons and social insights hidden within them. Join us and watch your child blossom into a confident, socially-aware individual, ready to navigate the complexities of social interactions with ease.

Mastering Social Pragmatics

The Key to Unlocking Effective Communication in Social Interactions

Social pragmatics, the cornerstone of effective interpersonal communication, plays a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of social interactions. It encompasses the ability to use language appropriately in various social contexts, understand non-verbal cues, and grasp the nuances of conversation. Essential for building relationships and understanding social norms, mastering social pragmatics is crucial for children's social and emotional development. In the We Thinkers program, we emphasise the development of these vital skills, offering children the tools to interpret and respond to social cues effectively. 

Through engaging stories and group activities, we foster an environment where children learn not just to communicate, but to connect, empathise, and thrive in social settings. Understanding social pragmatics paves the way for children to build meaningful relationships and navigate the world with confidence and ease.

Why We Thinkers?

Embark on a Social Learning Adventure Towards a Socially Brighter Future.

  • SOCIAL COMPREHENSION! Children learn to decode complex social interactions, boosting their ability to understand and engage in meaningful conversations.

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE! Our program nurtures emotional awareness, helping children recognise and express their feelings and understand the emotions of others.

  • IMPROVE NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION! We Thinkers emphasises the importance of body language and facial expressions, enabling children to interpret and use non-verbal cues effectively.

  • GROUP COLLABORATION! Our group activities encourage teamwork, teaching children the value of cooperation and shared success.

  • SHARED SUCCESS! Group activities emphasise collaboration, showing the value of working together, regardless of individual differences.

  • LIKE-MINDED PEERS! Our program provides a safe space for children to meet and bond with peers who share similar experiences and interests, fostering lasting friendships.

  • SUPPORTED ENGAGEMENT! Activities are designed to captivate and maintain attention, catering to the diverse learning styles of many children, including those with ADHD and Autism.