About us

At Spring Forward Family Centre we aim to make a positive and life changing impact everyday.

Spring is renowned as a time for renewal and growth. It is also a transitional time celebrated for moving forward with renewed hope. That is the spirit of Spring Forward Family Centre – a place where leaping forward is encouraged and celebrated.

The name is also a wonderful reminder of our opening in the spring of 2015 – an auspicious day born in the motivation and drive to support families with practical solutions and proven treatments to turn their lives around.

Spring Forward is a family friendly practice with a strong focus on supporting children, their families and educators through therapy to be able to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

Our aim is to provide a valuable service that is both affordable and accessible for families in a holistic setting – by combining our niche skills under the one roof for a complete service.

Our team shares a passionate energy for wanting to change young people’s lives for the better, to help break down their barriers, overcome their challenges and encourage them to reach their full potential. To best achieve this, we support and involve families and caregivers so that our powerful therapy solutions have the best chance of success. 

Often we are greeted by families experiencing a range of overwhelming emotions – fear, stress, and even confusion. That is why we strive to provide a place where people feel safe and supported. And we work with sensitivity and compassion to help you understand your child’s condition, our assessment and our treatment programs.



31 Henry Street Penrith, NSW 2750
Phone: (02) 4722 0891 Email: springfwd

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