Re-Purposing Policy (Formerly Cancellation Policy)

The Provider respects the existence of cancellation policies provided by funding providers such as the NDIS. Our internal re-purposing policy has been developed to ensure a diverse and consistent provision of services to our clients. It is the same policy for all clients funded in all manners and in alignment with all providers.

A re-purposed appointment is when a previously booked face-to-face appointment is changed on short notice to another form of support. This may be, but is not limited to:

  • A zoom appointment
  • A parent consult
  • A report
  • Home program report
  • Sensory diet
  • School strategies report
  • Visual Schedule
  • Other resources development for use at home/school

Our re-purposing policy is as follows:

Once any appointment for in-term or school holidays (except programs – refer to details below) is confirmed with the participant/client, both parties agree a service towards the client/participants goals is to be provided. This means:

  • The agreed face to face appointment is preferred
  • In a case where this is not achievable for the client, then the appointment will be re-purposed
  • The participant/client agrees to pay for these services for the confirmed appointment times irrespective of service delivery style
  • Where a client is not willing to agree to this, services will be ceased by the Provider
  • Where the clinician is unexpectedly unavailable, the Provider agrees to:
    – Attempt to reschedule services to a time that team member is available
    – Reschedule your support to another qualified and available provider on the same day or another day
    – Transfer the appointment to a therapy assistant (only where appropriate)
    – Where none of the above is available, then the appointment will be cancelled at no charge to the participant
  • The time is not changeable on the appointment time, and service must be delivered in the allocated appointment spot.
  • The provider has absorbed their cancellation policy into the re-purposing policy, meaning cancellations only occur when the provider is unable to facilitate service provision. Other forms of cancellation are no longer acknowledged within the service, these appointments are to be re-purposed
  • Where a client wishes to cancel appointments, this constitutes a cessation of services. The client may choose to re-engage; however, they will return to the waiting list to re-engage services. This includes if a client’s funding is exhausted, and they are not willing to engage to the committed appointments privately
  • Appointments are confirmed on cycles of school term weeks or school holiday weeks. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure:
    – They have the funding/financial stability to cover the agreed period of intervention
    – They are available for all agreed sessions before booking in
    – Have provided the clinician/s with repurposing requests/preferences
    – Where this is not provided, it will clinicians discretion to create something they believe will support your intervention and goal attainment
  •  Where resources are developed, payment must be processed/received prior to distribution. Refusal to pay will cause the provider to terminate service provision.


  • A deposit of 50% of the program is required before commencing the program or group
  • By confirming attendance in the group, you agree to pay full fee for all scheduled appointments, whether you/your child attends the appointments
  • Make up sessions and re-purposing of appointments is not available. If you wish to receive the resources and activities missed, this may be possible – depends on the group
    – telehealth can be made available for most groups.
  • Waiving of group fees is at managements discretion only, and will only be considered upon written submission by the client/participant for consideration
  • Any payment concerns will see the provider cease services with the client/participant immediately to avoid further debt collection concerns for both parties

Regrettably, if these cancellation terms are not met legal action will be pursued. Please plan your term and school holidays before booking and do not book appointments you cannot attend.