An innovative program designed to improve goal attainment, help develop emotional resilience, and improve quality of life .

Why Tomatis?

The Tomatis Method is an innovative and cutting-edge program that uses sound and listening therapy to help develop motor, emotional and cognitive skills. It has been highly effective in improving learning difficulties, speech delay, autism, APD, ADHD, attention, concentration, memory and reducing stress.

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How we help

A listening assessment helps determine the strengths and weaknesses in listening, learning and communication skills and the results are used to devise an individualised program to retrain the ear by stimulating and regulating the ear, brain, body and emotions.

The program involves multiple sessions of listening to music by Mozart and Gregorian Chant to establish inner equilibrium.
The music’s rhythm touches the body, the harmony reaches emotions and the melody calls upon the intellect.

The auditory system is impacted by the contrasting sounds and vibrations which trigger changes in the brain.

The natural and non-invasive process effectively improves:

  • Academic skills
  • Speech and language
  • Developmental challenges
  • Motor skills and coordination
  • Emotional regulation

While the Tomatis Method has been used with great success in children, just about anyone can benefit from the transformational program. Adolescents and adults have credited Tomatis with helping them overcome difficulties stemming from longstanding problems including anxiety.

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Want to know more?

Tomatis applies to a wide range of challenges including developmental challenges, language and speech, motor skills and coordination as well as emotional regulation. It’s applications are not limited to those experiencing these specific challenges which is one of the reasons this tool is so exciting. 

The Tomatis Program is a therapist managed home program that fosters great therapeutic results in both children and adults. It is amazing to use in conjunction with therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech Pathology and much more.



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