5 Reasons why your child could benefit from Physiotherapy

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy for children? How can Physio help my child specifically?

Physiotherapy in simple terms can be broken down into two words – Physical: meaning body structure and function and Therapy: meaning the process we use to develop, rehabilitate and improve the physical. A physiotherapist will analyse and treat your child’s movement abilities and strategies which include things like sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping and using their bodies to play and navigate their world.

Below are 5 reasons why your child could benefit from Physiotherapy:

1. Learning starts with movement. Did you know that while your little one was growing inside of you their brains were already learning some super cool stuff through movement? In Physiotherapy we look at your child’s movement and that can tell us loads about their development

2. Prevention is better than cure. Bringing your child in for a physiotherapy assessment does not necessarily mean they have a movement disorder, but it can give you more information on how to support them at home and even in their current therapies or groups.

3. A solid foundation allows you to build a higher tower. We have all watched kids try to build a tall tower and the higher they go the more unstable things get. Movement difficulties like balance can be difficult to spot when kids are young, we may think: “they will grow out of it” but as time goes on this can really affect their performance. Physiotherapy helps to identify areas where kids may struggle later, through movement analysis and observations.

4. A moving body is a healthy body. Children who are allowed to explore and move have shown to be healthier and happier. In physiotherapy, we not only encourage movement, but we have specialized skills and handling techniques to help your child move in a healthy way

5. Confidence goes a long way. Children who are struggling with movement difficulties may appear shy or withdrawn. Being free to play with friends, show off tricks and explore are skills that your child can learn in physiotherapy.

A child who is comfortable in their body and movements tends to be a calmer and happier child.

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Roxanne is our Physiotherapist at Spring Forward. View Roxanne’s profile to learn more about her.