Circle of Security Parenting

The Circle of Security Parenting program is a parent-based program that provides insight into maintaining a positive relationship with your child even in the busyness of life.

Using attachment theory as its foundation, it helps shines a light onto how to gain and maintain a secure attachment with your child. By exploring the circle and how to connect with you child whilst working with the circle, it provides more successful moments with your child to create an even stronger bond with them. It is a program that can be of assistance for parents with children of any age.

How we help

Our counsellor will go through attachment theory with you so that you have an opportunity to learn and understand attachment but to also answer your questions you may have on the subject. By exploring the attachment styles, both insecure and secure it provides insight into how it plays out for your kids but also what it might be like for them as adults.

In the program, you will also explore the components of the Circle of Security Parenting Program and support you when you reflect upon this with your family in mind. We will look at your shark music and how it influences how you engage with your children but also when you child might be miscuing you or you miscuing to them.

What to expect

Gaining insight into practical and easy ways to communicate with and understand your children better.

Reflection time on how the information can be used as well as reflecting how your family reacts to these different scenarios.

Time to ask questions and understand the content that is being explored.

To make connections between the Circle of Security Parenting Program, attachment theory and your family



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