Occupational Therapy

Paediatric occupational therapy is focused on assisting children to build the skills they need to develop into an independent person.

Why OT?

We work with children to help them achieve their daily occupations such as self-care, school and play so as to enhance their confidence, self-esteem, social skills and general wellbeing. We evaluate a child’s current skill set in relation to play, school performance, and daily activities and compare them with what is developmentally suitable for that age group. We can assist children to perform the daily activities they may find overwhelming by addressing sensory, social, behavioral, motor, and environmental issues.

How we help

Rhythmic Movement Training

A range of movements designed to integrate a child’s primitive reflexes to develop the foundations essential to overcoming learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges.

Sensory Integration

Helping children to process and respond to sensory experiences like touch, movement, sight, sound, smell, taste and the pull of gravity to overcome complex learning and behaviour.

Tomatis Program 

A listening program that alters sounds and voices in order to capture the brain’s attention and to develop motor, emotional and cognitive skills.


A specific technique that follows the child’s natural emotional interests, and challenges them towards greater mastery of their social, emotional and intellectual capacities.


Motor components, Oral organisation, Respiratory demands and Eye contact/control – a technique that integrates the mouth with sensory and postural development including self- regulation and attention.

Social Thinking

Strategies to help children become aware of the social context and social expectations when interacting or sharing space with others.

Handwriting Without Tears 

Multisensory strategies and materials that teach pencil grip, letter formation and literacy skills needed for print and cursive handwriting.


An innovative device aimed at amplifying the feedback of speech to an individual’s brain. Helps with developing speech sounds as well as processing verbal instructions.

Therapeutic Listening 

A sound therapy program that uses rhythm, pitch and volume through advanced filtering to improve attention, regulation
and movement


A listening home program with accompanying movements, designed to improve balance, coordination and attention

Parent Education

Knowledge is power and training parents, educators and teachers is an essential part of our service delivery

Developmental Therapy 

Using guided or facilitated movements to enable improved motor performance in both neuro-motor and sensory-motor diagnoses 

paediatric occupational therapy

What to expect

We are constantly improving the services we provide as well as the client experience at hand! With this in mind, we can give you an overview of what you can expect when working with OT at Spring Forward. 

Getting Started 

When engaging in one-to-one OT services, we will need to start with a comprehensive assessment.

Is it dated in the last 12 months? If yes, we can start services! BOOK YOUR FREE 10 MIN INTAKE CONSULT TODAY!
Once you have completed our phone intake and online processes, an Occupational Therapist will evaluate your needs.
The following might occur: 

  1. An OT is available to start with my family straight away
    We will call, offer you times and book you in!
  2. My child’s needs are deemed suitable for a therapy assistant
    We will call, book in a one off appointment and a parent consult with an OT. This enables us to answer your questions, set goals and establish a plan. A plan is written, and an appointment with a trained therapy assistant is booked in
  3. We place you on our on-going appointments waitlist
    We log all your information, and we will call you once a suitable time opens up with one of our OT’s or Therapy Assistants 

Firstly, we will need a little more information about you and your child. BOOK YOUR FREE INTAKE CALL TODAY!

You will then be provided links to online intake forms and documents we need signed before commencing services.
All information is kept confidential! 

Your child’s case will be screened and triaged by an OT, and placed on a waiting list. The faster you return the paperwork, the higher on the list you will be placed! Once a spot is available, we will contact you and book in a time. A non-refundable deposit is required at this time, and we will talk you through payment options further. 

Once booked, just turn up about 10mins before your session time to settle in and get ready. Assessments take about 2 hours to complete, and a comprehensive report is provided in the weeks that follow. 

About My Child’s Assessment

At Spring Forward Family Centre, we offer comprehensive Occupational Therapy Assessments that are targeted towards investigating your child’s current skill levels. The assessments cover developmental skill areas such as:

  • Auditory processing ability
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Visual motor skills (hand-eye coordination)
  • Fine motor and in-hand manipulation skills
  • Balance and Gross motor skills
  • Play and social-emotional skills
  • Sensory Processing profiling

An Occupational Therapy Assessment is typically a fun experience for your child as many of the assessments are completed in
a playful and engaging manner. Parents are welcome to attend the Assessment if they wish as they take approximately 2 hours
to complete.

If this is the case, perhaps one of our fun and skill targeted groups or programs are exactly what you need.

Our trained therapy assistants who facilitate these groups are either trained in early childhood development or studying to be an allied health professional. They can screen and raise any concerns with our treating OT team. If concerns exist, then we can advise you on the next best steps! 

Is your child under 3 and a half years? Consider a Bayley Screener as a first step. An affordable way to determine the need for further investigation BOOK YOUR BAYLEY SCREENER TODAY!

Once assessed, we will: 

  1. Complete your report, and send you a copy
  2. Book in a parent consult
    This enables us to answer your questions, discuss the results, set goals and make plans for your child.
  3. Book in sessions!
    Your Occupational Therapist can discuss these options with you and recommend the most appropriate therapy format based on your child’s goals and needs.

Our therapy options include, but are not limited to:

  • 1:1 Occupational Therapy sessions
  • Occupational Therapy Peer sessions
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant sessions
  • Group Programs
  • Therapy Intensives
  • Home Programs and Sensory diets
  • Parent Education, Training and consultation appointments
  • Sound Therapy Programs (Tomatis and Therapeutic Listening) 

Groups and Programs

Group Programs are a great way to work on a specific set of skills in a social setting with peers of a similar age and skill level.

Groups are allocated based on need. NDIS funded and diagnosed children with developmental or behavioural challenges are in small groups. Private clients, with specific concerns or challenges who participate positively in a mainstream classroom are in larger groups. 

Some popular OT specific groups include: 

  • Handwriting Heroes
  • Fine Motor Club
  • We Thinkers (Social Thinking Skills)
  • Messy Monsters (Messy Play Program for sensitive systems and seeking systems)
  • Engine Program (Attention Regulation Program) 


Your Occupational Therapist or our knowledgeable Administration Team will be able to recommend a program
that will work best for you and your child. CALL US TODAY!



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