Managing Back To School Anxiety

Starting a new school year with new teachers, classes and expectations can make children a little nervous. Some children may still be feeling the effects of the COVID lockdown which can make this time even harder.

Here are some ways you could help your child manage their feelings.

1. Show confidence and excitement when talking about school. This sends a positive message to your child.

2. Talk and listen to your child about their feelings. Let them know it is ok to feel how they feel.

3. Encourage your children to reconnect with school friends. Set up a playdate.

4. Give your child a little control. Let them pick their school lunch or afterschool activities.

5. Incorporate breathing exercises and muscle relaxation activities.

Practical ways to maintain positive emotions around school.

6. Maintain a healthy diet, physical activities and sleep routine.

7. Do a special activity with your child in the afternoon/evening. i.e. read them a book before bed.

8. When your child is ready, get them back into extra-curricular activities.

9. Encourage your child to exercise self-compassion. i.e.. positive affirmations, “I’m trying my hardest, it’s ok that I need help with my homework today”

Need a little more support?

Our Spring Forward team is here to help! Our experienced counsellors have created two holiday programs that help children embrace mindfulness and boost their self-esteem. Our ‘Mindful Magic’ group provides children with different strategies to help overcome confronting feelings and manage stress in everyday life. ‘Esteem Team’ is a fun and supportive program where children will learn about self-esteem, what it means to them, strategies to support themselves and language to use with others. Learn more.

If you are interested in these programs secure your spot in our April 2022 School Holiday Programs or express your interest in our after school programs.

Prefer one-on-one sessions?

Our Spring Forward team includes two experienced counsellors who assist children to express themselves in a healthy and productive way that can alleviate any restrictive emotional states such as anxiety and stress. Our counsellors provide understanding and compassion while building skills to assist in becoming self-aware and fostering self-growth.

Learn more about counselling at Spring Forward or contact us for bookings and enquiries.