Master Builders Top FAQs Answered

What is Master Builders? How can my child benefit from it? What type of activities does it involve?

We know as a parent you want to gain as much knowledge and understanding for programs that have been recommended for your child, or you have found and are interested in. This is why we have shared our most frequently asked questions below.

What is Master Builders?

Master builders is a group intervention that is based on the principles of Lego® Therapy by Daniel LeGeoff. Master Builders uses play-based tasks (i.e. building Lego) to target a variety of speech, language, and communication skills.

Who is Master Builders for?

Master Builders is for a wide range of children and young people. The nature of the program means it is highly adaptable and can be changed to suit the individual strengths, needs and interest of each group. Many children will benefit from engaging in a Master Builders program, but particularly those that have goals to:

  • have opportunities for positive interactions,
  • develop their understanding of instructions,
  • develop their ability to give instructions,
  • learn new concepts,
  • develop their understanding of prepositions
  • take turns with a peer,
  • develop problem solving skills,
  • develop negotiation and more complex social skills,
  • engage in a shred activity in a group
  • ask for help

How old does my child have to be?

There is no distinct age range for Master Builders. The group will be tailored to reflect the ages and needs of each group.

Can Master Builders be done online?

The program involves working on a shared project in small groups, which is very difficult to replicate online. There has also been little to no research done to determine if online sessions are beneficial. Here are Spring Forward, we don’t provide online Master Builders sessions.

Do you have courses for parents? / Should I do this at home?

There are currently no courses for parents running at this time. However, parents can be given at home strategies (tailored to their child’s needs) to be done between sessions to complement the learning and development experienced within the program.

What if my child doesn’t like Lego?

The group can be adapted to reflect the interests of your child. If your child does not like Lego, we can change the focus point i.e. to making a YouTube video, or a jewellery making club etc. The first session usually aims to gather ideas from all group members about what they would like to do.

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Speech Pathologist, Hannah is our facilitator of Master Builders at Spring Forward. Interested to learn more about Hannah?

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