Improved Learning and Studying With the Forbrain

Many distractions take our attention away from learning and studying — added stimuli significantly affect the learning process for those diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or various learning disabilities. Whether you experience difficulty with the learning process or simply want to optimise your study sessions, the Forbrain is an effective tool used to improve learning capabilities. Here’s how this transformative tool works:

What is the Forbrain?

This tool is exactly as it sounds — a tool for the brain! The Forbrain is a wireless headset that uses an audio-vocal loop to function as a studying device. It contains bone conduction transducers that capture the sound waves of your voice, enhance sound transmission through the temporal bones, and then process and produce a corrective voice back to you through the headphones. Essentially, it uses your voice to boost your brain!

How Will It Help My Studying Sessions?

The science behind the Forbrain is that an auditory feedback loop will boost your capacity to learn new information through promoting brain plasticity. This technology is used to maximise every study session instead of spending extra time studying and cramming for an exam. The most effective way to use the Forbrain is to read information, process it, and then say it aloud like you’re teaching the concepts to a group of students. In reality, you’re just reinforcing the ideas to yourself! It’s recommended that the Forbrain is used for 15-30 minutes up to 1 –3 times per day for optimal learning. The Forbrain facilitates sharper concentration during study sessions and promotes the ability to better digest and remember complex information. Students have noticed enhanced focus, memory, and speech with this cutting-edge study method. Auxanne, a French medical student, says, “I learn better and faster with Forbrain, and my voice has a positive impact on my brain. During exams, it’s like I could hear myself speaking better, so all the information came back really easily!” We’re a team of allied health professionals in the greater Sydney area who have witnessed notable results when our clients use the Forbrain. If you’d like to experience the benefits of leveraging the audio-vocal loop for yourself, we have a link that will provide a discount when purchasing the Forbrain: Click here. Happy studying!

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