April 2022

School holidays are just around the corner and so is Easter! Find out how we can keep your kids learning and entertained this April. Read this, and more of what’s happening at Spring Forward, below.


Something Inspirational

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”- Zig Ziglar

Something Reassuring

“Because life is a gift, all of us are gifted.”- Noah Benshea


Easter Egg Challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? From the 11th of April Spring Forward will have laminated paper easter eggs hidden around the clinic. Each easter egg has a special challenge! How many challenges can you complete?

Preschool Bayley Screeners Coming Soon!

We are excited to be bringing developmental screeners to kids under three and a half at the following local preschools in the near future!

  • Bright Stars Penrith (8th April)
  • Kids Academy Regentville (TBD)
  • Montessori Penrith (TBD)


Get more information on the Bayley or check your infant’s development.

 Service Updates

Physiotherapy sessions are now available! We provide tailored individual programs to best support your child. Treatment can be delivered on children as young as newborns.

Why Physio? Click here

Interested in booking a physio appointment? Get in touch

Physiotherapy Trial Session!
Thank you to all who participated in our physiotherapy trial session.

Intensive Spots Available!

We are in the early stages of getting intensives booked for the April school holidays. Contact us now to secure your spot!!

Who does intensives?

Why do an intensive?

  • Kick starts therapy for new clients
  • Address a specific goal
  • Prepare them for a big life event
  • To have in place of regular weekly session
  • To have co-treat sessions with multiple therapists
    Focus on certain interventions that might be time sensitive
  • Family counselling intensives
    Enhance results!

 General Updates

Autism Acceptance Week!

We wrapped up autism acceptance week by going red! By going red we wanted to show our alliance and support for the autism community.

Bayley Screener at Bright Stars Cambridge Park!

Mel (OT) had the pleasure of visiting Bright Stars Cambridge Park in March to administer developmental screeners with a selection of their kids under three and a half. This collaboration allowed Mel to support more community members understand their child’s development level and whether further support may be needed. We are so grateful to the Bright Stars team at Cambridge Park and look forward to our upcoming opportunities to screen more kids in the community.


Get more information on the Bayley or check your infant’s development.

Or, share our details with your preschool, daycare, parents group or early development centre.

Big Red Roll + Stroll!

A big well done to our SFFC Team who strolled 5km for Muscular Dystrophy on the 20th of March. Their efforts raised $258!

1 in 500 people live with a neuromuscular condition, which is approximately 13 thousand people in NSW alone. Thank you to all who donated.

 Blog News 

Making Mindful Children: How Mindfulness can benefit your child

What is mindfulness? What does mindfulness do? How can my child benefit? Mindfulness is an appropriate strategy to help reduce worrying thoughts that are possibly creating anxiety. Read more

Compassion Fatigue- Do you have it?

What is compassion fatigue and why is it important to identify this in ourselves?Read more

Methods To Help Prevent and Recover from Compassion Fatigue

What can we do to help ourselves stay mindful? We need to look after ourselves physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Read more

Groups & Programs

April School Holiday Groups

Last chance to secure a spot in our April school holiday programs!

Book your spot today. Find out more about these programs by clicking on the name.

Your favourite program isn’t listed? Submit an expression of interest.

Win a $20 Products Voucher!

Do you know someone who might love one of our groups? First, send them this link: https://www.springfwd.com.au/individual-program-enquiry/  
Then, get them to include your name in their booking for you to go into the draw for a $20 products voucher.

Term 2 After School Groups

Secure your spot in our after school programs! Programs run once a week over 10 weeks.

Book your spot today.

Your favourite program isn’t listed? Submit an expression of interest.

 Staff Updates

Welcome Paula & Lyra!

We would like to introduce Occupational Therapist, Paula and Admin Assistant, Lyra! Lyra has already started working with us and Paula will be starting on the 11th of April. Click on their picture below to learn more about them.

Paula – Occupational Therapist

Personal Mission Statement:

“Providing quality care and intervention to children while empowering and educating their parents and caregivers.”

Lyra – Admin Assistant

Personal Mission Statement:

“To maintain positive client engagement and administer a proactive approach with the aim that our health professionals can bring forth valuable service to everyone.”

Happy Anniversary!

A big happy anniversary to Brittany who has been part of the Spring Forward family for three years, and Melissa who has been part of the Spring Forward family for five years.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to three of our amazing team members, Santina, Darcy and Amy! We hope you all have the best day.

 Product Of The Month

Roll-A-Dough Letters!

What does it do?

It builds finger strength, fine motor skills & letter recognition skills

Why do we use it?

It’s a multi-sensory approach that prepares children to write whilst building the above skills. Children can roll and cut dough snakes to make capital letters and numbers. They can use the tray with sand, shaving cream, or rice for additional practise making letters. Roll-A-Dough cards fit perfectly on the Stamp and See Screen as a template for tracing letters.

Who do we recommend it for?

Children who need something engaging to learn important skills. Those learning how to recognise and form letters and numbers. Children who need to improve and develop finger strength.

Cost? $34.95

Contact us to purchase! Call and collect available.