March 2022

We are more than halfway through Term 1! Autumn has arrived and with it our March Newsletter. See below for your March updates.


Something Inspirational

“You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script.”- Oprah Winfrey

Something Reassuring

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”- Mandy Hale


Bayley Screener Preschool Launch!

We have teamed up with local preschools be make developmental screeners more accessible to more families. This collaboration will allow more families to understand their child’s development level and whether further support may be needed. Interest? Share your interests with your preschool.

Big Red Roll + Stroll!

On the 20th of March, our SFFC Team is strolling 5km for Muscular Dystrophy! 1 in 500 people live with a neuromuscular condition, which is approximately 13 thousand people in NSW alone. Support us and help MDNSW do more for the MD Community by donating. Every dollar counts

 Service Updates

Physio Returns In March!

We are eager to see a return of physio clients for reviews and ongoing services.

Why Physio? Click here

Interested in booking a physio appointment? Get in touch.

Paediatric Physiotherapy helps improve quality of life and the ability to perform everyday activities with ease.

Intensive Spots Available!

We are in the early stages of getting intensives booked for the April school holidays. Contact us now to secure your spot!!

Who does intensives?

Why do an intensive?

  • Kick starts therapy for new clients
  • Address a specific goal
  • Prepare them for a big life event
  • To have in place of regular weekly session
  • To have co-treat sessions with multiple therapists
    Focus on certain interventions that might be time sensitive
  • Family counselling intensives
    Enhance results!

 Blog News 

5 Reasons Why Your Child Could Benefit From Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist will analyse and treat your child’s movement abilities and strategies which include things like sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping and using their bodies to play and navigate their world. Below are 5 reasons why your child could benefit from Physiotherapy. Read more

 Upcoming Programs

We have a whole lot of fun programs lined up for this April School Holidays.
Be sure to join;

Book your spot today. Find out more about these programs by clicking on the name.

Your favourite program isn’t listed? Submit an expression of interest.

Win a $20 Products Voucher!

Do you know someone who might love one of our groups? First, send them this link:  
Then, get them to include your name in their booking for you to go into the draw for a $20 products voucher.

 Staff Updates

Welcome Roxanne!

We would like to introduce Physiotherapist, Roxanne to you! Roxanne touched down in Australia on the 3rd of March and is in-clinic ready to meet our wonderful Spring Forward community. Click on her picture below to learn more about her and be sure to say hello the next time you visit!

Roxanne – Physiotherapist

Personal Mission Statement:

“I believe that as a physiotherapist I am called to use my skill set in order to help each child to unlock their highest potential.”

Student Welcome!

We once again want to give a warm welcome to Jess, a counselling student who has started her placement with us. Jess will be part of our spring forward team family for the remainder of the term, so be sure to say hello! Click on her picture to learn more about her.

Happy Anniversary!

A big happy anniversary to Monica who has been part of the Spring Forward family for two years, and Danielle who has been part of the Spring Forward family for three years.

Farewell Leah!

We’d like to thank Leah for being a part of our Spring Forward Family. Thank you for your hard work and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

 Product Of The Month

Balloon Animals!

What does it do?

It helps improve respiration, oral motor skills, play, tactile / touch and core stability.

Why do we use it?

To facilitate slow, deep and maximal inhalation for optimal lung expansion. It teaches children diaphragmatic breathing and improves communication. Finally, it assists with self-regulation through visual and oral stimulation.

Who do we recommend it for?

Kids who need to improve respiratory outcomes, oral muscle strength and core stability. Kids who struggle to coordinate oral movements to produce particular words. Lastly, kids who benefit from play and tactile input to regulate themselves.

Cost? $5.50

Contact us to purchase! Call and collect available.